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Book: How to survive Martial Law in America

Sensible Survival Presents: “Zombies Hate Preppers”. In a world gone mad, putting together a few preparations keeps one level and the Zombies in a rage. Be part of the solution and not the problem.             Victoria Baer,  AgEnder

SEE THE VIDEO BELOW…prepare and talk to your NEIGHBORS…do they have food and water?  Do they have protection from people who would come raping and plundering for their food?

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E4 of prepardness

Project Appleseed, Heritiage, Legacy, Rebirth

CB Information (1300)

Seeds:; ;

Big Berkey Water Filters:

Tactical Defender :

HPR Ammo:

Going Gear:


AMP-3 Professional 1st Aid Kits:

Are you self sufficient?

Need Food….   please watch this first…to educate yourself on food storage.

Freeze Dried Vs Dehydrated foods

Freeze drying is a process where food is cooked and then flash frozen.  After it’s been flash frozen, it is brought to a lower temperature to help evaporate any ice and as much of the food’s moisture as possible. The food is then placed in a sealed moisture and oxgen-proof package to help ensure freshness when it is opened.  Once water (hot or cold) is replaced in food that is freeze dried, the food regains its original flavor, aroma, texture and appearance.

Why Freeze Dried?

With foods that are freeze dried you keep the freshness, color and aroma, as well as maintaining both a long shelf life and reduced weight (due to water removal)

Food this is freeze dried also give you advantages over frozen food, dehydrated food or canned goods.

Foods that use the freeze dried method DO NOT REQUIRE LOWER TEMPATURES for storage, don’t lose freshness over time as easily as canned foods,

And they maintain their flavor and texture over dehydrated foods.

Originally produced for the U.S. Military and NASA, freeze-dried food has several advantages over frozen or dehydrated foods. Frozen foods retain flavor and nutritional value, but require low temperature storage conditions. Dehydrated/canned foods are shelf-stable, but lose flavor, texture and nutritional content. Freeze-drying is the best of both worlds, preserving freshness, color, and aroma, while being completely shelf-stable.  Freeze dried retains nutritional value and keeps for 25years.

Joe Rieck, Wise Food Storage, 801.513.3230 Cell, 801.677.1072 Office    Daily Bread ( and they are in Utah and it is a Mormon company.  They have Freeze Dried vs Dehydrated and it will last 25 years.  They can customize a package for your family size.  My contact is Danny Wright 801 675 8459  or  Tell him you are a friend of Victoria and he’ll  take good care of you.   I went on a quest on how to store food that was nutritious as well as didn’t need space, racking and turning every six months.  They can do small a small quantity or large!    contact Stephanie Scruggs at 616 698 3132 or email her at  and she will add you to her “Preferred Customer” list on  There is no charge or obligation.  (this is dehydrated food…but not in cans from what I can see) – buy direct. Canned meats. Very tasty. No MSG
all natural. –  although more expensive, their food is
already made. All you have to do is add hot water. Scrambled eggs,
Lasagna, Chicken Teriyaki and more. Comes in #10 cans (about 30
servings) to 1 or 2 serving pouches. Great for those who don?t like to
cook as well as for a bug-out bag. ….they are both a middle-man for Walton
Feed & Grabill Country Meats. They have other products as well.

A few sites for you to check out: – we are members and they have great specials >from time to time on Ammo. They also have a lot of items for one?s bug-out bag, including MREs.

These last 3 sites provide a lot of info and links as regards food
storage and so much more.

>    (for those that buy the cans…need space…lost of space…must lie on side and rotate) You will receive a log on ID and password from Shelf Reliance in just a little while.  Use this to log on and see discounted prices.

These are very very basic options… last resort for me… great if you had tons of rooms… have shelves for the cans and need to rotate them every six must…lie cans on their sides.   (put food storage into the search bar on their site)   ( put food storage into the search bar on their site)

Do not forget to have a stash of any medicines you are on … as well as aspirin, peroxide, cough stuff, flu stuff, any over the counter common crap…bleach (can purify water), female hygiene products, toilet paper, soap, paper plates, forks, cups (no water…throw away)

Liquor…. For bartering, and for numbing pain

Guns and ammo….do we need to discuss why…you have food…others won’t….

There is also a company called   can cook without electricity.

Seeds…NON HYBRID seeds…can plant a garden and used for barter….

Berkley water filters I think are the best….info here…

Berkey Water Filters  & Preparedness Products… 877-886-3653

Food storage, Survival Books, Seeds and More!!!

Tiny House

We are Agenders, WE ARE HERE TO HELP.

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