Videos are a great way to get your message out. See what Agenders are doing across the country.



Florida: Fraudclosure HB87

Ethanol HB4001:  part 1  , part 2part 3 , part 4  


Short Agenda 21 points

Agenda21 Exposed in Taylor Co Fl

First Amendment Violation

Corruption exposed in Taylor Co, FL

Family, God, Morality



Wealth and Private Property

Illegal Immigration

Public Private Partnerships

Divide and Conquer

United Nation Rule or We The People Rule

Redistribution of Wealth

Marxism vs Capitalism

The Story of your Enslavement

Five Monkey Theory of Crowd Manipulation

100th Monkey

Shariah and Radical Islam

LT General Boykin on Marxism


Agenda 21 short explanations

Cause and effect of Agenda 21

Energy, Oil and Gas

Water and Land

Delphi Mind Control

Glenn Beck Interview

The United Nations: A Look Into The Future

Agenda 21 Education, Equity, Environment, Economy

Agenda 21 – What is it?

Agenda 21 and the AgEnders

Agenda 21 Dumb Down Education = Destruction of America

Michael Shaw, Agenda 21 for Dummies

Diane Silverman: Changing the Conversation

Donna Holt:  Agenda 21 Property Rights part 1

Donna Holt: Agenda 21 Death of Private Property part 2

Donna Holt: Agenda 21 Property Rights part 3

Donna Holt: Agenda21 Private Property part 4

Tom Deweese: UN Agenda 21 part 1    see all parts

Democrats Against Agenda 21

Glenn Beck Describes Agenda 21

Karen Schoen Explains Agenda 21 to Victoria Jackson


Karen Schoen 4E’s of Agenda 21

Krisanne Hall Agenda 21 and Race to the Top

 Ruth Esser – Agenda 21 Land and Water

Rampant Injustice


Longer videos describing Agenda 21

How and Why America Is Being Betrayed | John F. McManus (1996)

John Anthony Explains UN Agenda 21

Rosa Korie: Your community is implementing UN Agenda 21

Dr. Michael Coffman: Taking Liberty

Lord Monckton at RIO+ 20

One Bay Area Delphi Meeting

Heather Gass Fight Back Against Delphi and Wins

Charlotte Iserbyt – The secret behind American Education

Ed Griffin: The Collectivist Conspiracy

Charlotte Iserbyt: Skull and Bones

Dr Michael Coffman Agenda 21 and the Race to Global Governence

Karen Schoen at the Villages explaining Agenda 21

Behold A Pale Horse