Success Stories

The fight to keep individual liberty and personal property has been going on for years. No matter where you look in history, the elite have always created wars usually in the name of commerce.  Winning a war creates winners and losers. Losers, lose their property.

Today the war on property is being fought in the name of preserving the environment. Bullets and bombs are not needed when the environmentalists can dream up rules, regulations and endangered species to confiscate private and Congress and the people follow without question.

Americans all over America are fighting back AND WINNING. Why because they are exceptional, they are Americans.  Only the American middle class can stop what is happening.

Westchester, NY says bye to ICLEI

AZ is very close to a bill banning UN Agenda 21

Alabama passes SB477 – Anti Agenda 21-Gov Bentley signs bill.

Kansas Gov Brownback signs bill preventing use of foreign law in Kansas

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US Sheriffs stand with the Constitution

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Passaic Co,  NJ pulled out of ICLEI

Brevard Co FL REC rejects UN Agenda 21

Supreme Court rebukes EPA in landmark property rights case

AMAZING Letter to Jefferson County (Wash) Commissioners reveal UN plans behind ICLEI

Edmond Oklahoma Dumps Agenda 21

Montgomery County Pennsylvania Rejects Agenda 21

Irving TX Kicks ICLEI and Sustainable Development out.

Ocean Co NJ Kicks ICLEI out.

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Somerset Co, NJ Kicks ICLEI out

Monmouth County, NJ CANCELS ICLEI


G.O.P. Push in States to Deregulate Environment

High Speed Rail is DOA

Governor Scott (R FL) repealed Smart Growth

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Dent County Missouri Commissioners say NO to Sustainable Development

 Pinellas County FL votes to remove flouride 

Tom DeWeese reports on Municipalities that are removing ICLEI

Plantation, Florida

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Spartanburg, SC

Sequim WA removes ICLEI

Spokane Washington

Maryland County Board of Commissioners Terminate ICLEI Understand why, in Carroll County Commisisoner Richard Rothschild’s press release here. Listen to Rothschild’s radio show here.

Carrol County, Md Commissioners sever ties Environmental group 

Colorado County Residents Reject Behavior-modifying Recommendations in Agenda 21. They have informed, advised, and strongly suggested to their Broomfield County Commissioners to stop implementing Sustainable Development social engineering policies. By Henry Lamb > A Revolution Without Bullets

Edmond Oklahoma – A City Council workshop to share ideas about sustainability was abandoned midstream amid protests. Details here.

Arvada ColoradoElected officials say no to invasive and destructive policy from ICLEI! Small businesses and individual rights prevail.  ICLEI-guided sustainability coordinator and sustainable development consultants do not destroy small business, this time:

Amador County, California Supervisors Terminate ICLEI – read A Thank You to the Amador Board of Supervisors.

Legal Analyses

DRAFT legal complaint by Marian Olson of Colorado against ICLEI. Read it here.

ICLEI cannot be constitutionally joined by any city or local government. Read more here.

People Get Active to Inform Local Public Officials of Agenda 21 (Sustainability and ICLEI)

Garland, Texas – Town residents wanted to understand the definitions of words and phrases (i.e. “secure property”) included in the “Envision Garland” Agenda 21 plan. A glossary of terms is forthcoming and the vote on the plan was postponed. Watch video here by skipping to Miscellaneous (last section) to view the Envision Garland part.

Ocala, Florida – Ed Wilson gives 30 minute presentation on Agenda 21 to County Commissioners. > watch here.

Douglas County, Oregon – listen to audio here Scroll down to the “Open O” will take you to Board of Commissioners meeting. Click on 0:29.205 minutes for CITIZEN COMMENTS COUNTY BUSINESS.

Sheriff protects New Mexico 

Okaloosa Island Residents fight back against restoration which in reality will destroy the beach.     Click on channel 7 WJHG, local NBC affiliate. 

Listen to the hearing

Brevard County FL REC passed resolution (unanimously) to condemn Agenda 21

Woodward County Commissioner Tommy Roedell, an American patriot, informed the county commissioners of Woodward County, OK about UNA21/SD and authored the resolution below that was adopted Feb 6, 2012.  Tommy is currently moving a similar resolution within the two major national associations of county commissioners. Hopefully that effort will create more awareness across the nation among county commissioners.

Also, Tennessee House Joint Resolution 587 – 107th General Assembly

Push back From CA against One Bay Area

Listen to Heather Gass, CA ask about the pledge….