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During the last two months Americans have come to the realization that  President Obama lies and thinks nothing of lying to achieve his goal.  If he lied about Obamacare, what other programs are built on lies?

Jonathan Gruber, economic consultant gave the truest opinion of the  administration’s feelings of the American people when he said, the American people don’t know economics so we lied to the for their own good. Read and listen to his words.

No one asked, Is Gruber right? Why don’t Americans understand economics?

Americans are not stupid. They are ignorant.  Economics was intentionally left out of school.  Actually while Americans were busy with family, community and life, the Progressive/ communists set out to take over the schools. Over the last 60 years the schools have deliberately been dumbing Americans.  After all communists know that ignorant people require less of their government leaving more for them.

The sole purpose of John Podesta’s as Executive Order Czar, is to by pass congress and implement many fraudulent Executive Orders.  Fraud must be stopped. Demanding that congress STOP FUNDING FRAUD in your state as well as DC.

Did you know: The scientific expedition to Antarctica to measure the melting ice just got stuck in unprecedented ice.  The rescue ship got suck in ice as well. The earth is in a 60 year solar hibernation cycle. It is and will get colder. Unprepared Americans will freeze or starve.  This fits the communist plan to depopulate the planet. Losing a billion or so won’t matter.

Instead of the truth, photos of global warming news propaganda and the statements that the polar bear is the first animal to become endangered because of global warming are constantly shown to your children in school.  These photos are FRAUD.

The truth shows “The bear population is not in crisis as people believed. There is no doom and gloom”

The panic mongering of the global warmists has not just undermined their own cause — it has diminished the prestige of science generally, and that is a serious loss. Your children grow up believing these lies. True science is not taught.

Man Made Global Warming is a FRAUD.  The UN IPCC said they can not explain why there is no warming for the last 17 years. Actually it is getting colder, dangerously colder.  The SUN, NOT man controls the weather. The weather works in cycles and this 200 year cycle we are now entering is cold. Just look at the weather 200 years ago.

Is the administration preparing you for cold, NO?  Do you have a supply of food and water? Are they continuing with their CO2 hoax just to tax and control?  YES

So we ask, do you want you tax dollars spent on programs designed to fail? All of these green subsidies and initiatives are fraud. You might as well flush your dollars or… join us.

THE POWER OF AMERICA IS WITH INDIVIDUAL AMERICANS.  American exceptionalism gives the power to the individual American. Each of you is a leader.    Now it is time to lead.

Please review these support documents or just Google man made global warming and you will find your own evidence.

  1. Can you Tweet? Face Book? Any social media with a simple message? – STOP FUNDING FRAUD.
  2. Call your state appropriation committees and tell them:  STOP FUNDING FRAUD  Stop funding man made global warming FRAUD.   This message should go to all members on the appropriations committees in your state and federal.

Federal Appropriations House:

Federal Appropriations Senate:

Send the message to all sub committees.
Call their home office first and get the name and email of the admin person before you send so you can send to both and follow up.

  1. NUMBERS COUNT. Share this information with everyone you know. We must have as many letters/email/calls as possible get out.
  2. Send letters, postcards, it does not matter what you send, what does matter that you send something.
  3. Feel free to send this to any other group you know: media, newspaper, TV, personality, clergy, any American.
  4. Sign the petition

Billions of tax dollars will be spent needlessly, more private property will be confiscated unless we take action.

Let us learn by our mistakes, never let a good crisis go to waste. On the heals of the Obamacare lies, Americans are beginning to understand the danger of lies. The fraud is not just Obamacare, all government programs must be investigated before more of our hard earned dollars are spent.

The fraud of man made global warming drives all the destructive policies and these policies are destroying our economy and the American way of life.  Now is our time to fight back.
American tax dollars are funding fraud.  The spending is out of control. Too many government programs are based on fraudulent information.  THESE PROGRAMS WILL FAIL.

Why are we jeopardizing the future of America on fraud?

Use your voice, end the silent majority.

Tweet, Facebook, email, call.

Can you help and make a donation…

Any amount to be used for advertising, billboards, marketing materials.

Thank you.



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