“Unless a person can read, they will forever be a slave”, Karen Schoen

Class warfare, welfare and inferior education lead to modern slavery.

We all know the horrific consequences of slavery. We should know the history of slavery in the United States but as history is being altered by the Elite in our schools our children do not. Slavery is an important issue that should never be forgotten. Below you will find website that will show you the missing history surrounding the history of American slavery. Do your own research and make your own decisions but LEARN the TRUTH.

Are All Men Created Equal?

National Juneteenth Observance Foundation

Stolen History

Fredrick Douglass Republican

Agenda 21 creates a 21st century slave under its communist/socialist agenda. Everything is owned or partnered with the state (government).  Every move of the human is monitored and controlled through phony scientific regulations allowing for zones, grids and meters.  Students graduate school not knowing how to read, write.

I didn’t know I was a slave until I found out I couldn’t do the things I wanted.
Frederick Douglass

Loss of Individual Freedom: = Slavery

UN Agenda 21 will not tolerate Individual Freedom based on the US Bill of Rights guaranteed by God.  There is a deep resentment towards God as uncovered in the Earth Charter

UN Agenda 21 advocates the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights stating that man (the government) provides you with Rights.  Man/government can also take away those Rights after all Man/You is/are the Enemy of the Earth. You will get freedom and long as you make the choice the government wants you to make.

Environment over Humanity
= Slavey
According to Sustainable Medicine and the UN Biodiversity Treaty, human beings are merely one single strand in nature’s web where all living things are equal. No person has more value than an oak tree, salmon, or long-fingered salamander. Humans resricted by meaningless regulations is another form of slavery.

Read the Earth Charter

Loss of Private Land – Slavery
Private land is one of the few things a person will fight to keep. In UN Agenda 21 private land is not allowed. All land must be help for the good of the collective because private land can be turned into wealth and wealth is not equal. American must be cleared of private use and turned back into its wild natural state.  50% of America is to be deemed uninhabitable. The Endangered Species Act, Wildland Projects and Buffer Zones are being used to accomplish this end. NGO’s, Non Profits and Government Agencies are use to take over and lay claim to private land.  Pack em, stack em “sustainable developments” will replace of the Single Family Homes that Americans enjoy.   Americans will be forced into  government issue living quarters where the size of your dwelling will be determined by the government.   Read More

Loss of Sovereignty = Slavery
Nationalism creates a sense of unity bringing people closer together. Unacceptable under UN Agenda21. Divide and conquer is the order of the day.  Stripping American history and civics from the schools, open borders, maintaining multicultural ethnic groups with no uniform language enables the ELITE to promote distrust, class warfare and breakup of a unified society.  A fragmented society is easy to control.  History shows that multiculturalism doesn’t work only a unified society can maintain strength with longevity.                Read More  

Inability to read and write = slavery