Agenda 21 Section I  – Social and Economic Dimensions

Individualism/Exceptionalism are terms often used to describe America.

The Bill of Rights guarantees that the Rights of American citizens are provided by God and can never be taken away.  The Rights guarantee that every citizen has the same Rights. Every individual citizen in America is equal under the eyes of the government and the law.

Every individual citizen can choose their path in life which comes with the responsibility to be the best they can be. It is the ability to choose freely that has created the greatest country in the world.  American has created more wealth, invented more products and has done more for humanity than any other country in its 235+ year existence.  All of this creativity has been allowed to expand into the exceptional products and inventions because Americans are free.

There is no place in Agenda 21 that mentions FREEDOM.

The only freedom allowed by Agenda 21 is the freedom to make a choice that the government allows.