If there are no facts, there is no truth, there can be no reality unless provided by the government. I will not comply, will you?

Imagine if all groups were organized the same way. We all have the same goal:  To win the election hopefully with Americans who can be strong against the Marxists and their money.  Nothing else matters. Currently there are still more Americans than Marxists.

The one with the better messaging wins. NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO FEEL DEFEATED… The 2012 election was won through fraud.  Making you feel powerless in defeat and depression is their tool for continuing the great divide. Let’s stop the great divide and really make the effort to come together.

The Republicans/Conservatives are being told they have to forgo their values and become liberals to win. Why would Republicans think the party of lies would all of a sudden give them a great strategy? Remember they speak doublespeak.

We must do the opposite of what they say. WE HAVE TO STOP POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, STICK TO THE TRUTH and reach out to our neighbors as people. Only by doing that will we gain back the trust and respect we have lost.

Obama will continue to lie. If we have a relationship with people, we can bring them the truth as these lies occur. Once we have a relationship, they will listen to the truth. Politicians look at money and votes.  If we work together, we have the votes. We have the truth and people power.  Those are the most feared items. Word of mouth and boots on the ground to develop relationships do not require a lot of money. It does require organization and time.

The progressives have mastered this completely. All we must do is follow their procedure, their organization, not their plan. We know their goal is to hit us with many issue simultaneously. We know all are connected to UN Agenda21.

First sign up for Tom DeWeese webinars on  Watch the podcasts of any older courses.

To understand the purpose of central planning/sustainable development John Anthony prepared a report

Can we put our differences aside and come together in one coalition of in your state instead of fractured groups?  Can we all message the same?

Why do progressives use chants and slogans? Slogans create unity in fractured groups if everyone says the same thing it becomes the new normal.  The truth is irrelevant. After all if you repeat a lie enough it will become the value and since there are no facts, there is no truth, there is only the value they give you.

Think about the lies of:

  • War on women
  • War on Seniors
  • Conservatives want to bring you back to Slavery

Instead of calling them on the lies, they trained us to be politically correct. Instead we were told to hush and hush we did. Like good little politically correct sheeple we kept silent.  They have us trained really good because push back with the truth will do exactly that, push back.

Remember, they CAN NOT tell the truth because the truth destroys everything they are saying to scare us. Although we can not go backwards, we must learn from our mistakes and not repeat them by following what the Progressive have laid out as our winning strategy for the Republicans/Conservatives or whatever label they want to use.… Ah, are we really that stupid? I think not. I will not comply.  I am an American and I will not comply. Coming together will give us power.

Once we have power we can tackle any issue. Once we work together, we will learn many dominos will fall. Since all of the proposals from the progressives follow UN Agenda 21. They all have some common threads:

  • They are based on lies. There is no place where they work, no scientific evidence to support anything.
  • The cure is worse than the issue and creates with problems plus loss of individual rights and freedoms.
  • They are always designed to keep people ignorant of the truth by propaganda
  • Their purpose is to bankrupt the state and the middleclass in some wealth redistribution scheme.

For a clear understanding of Property Rights see: you tube/ Taking Liberty by Taking Property then Sign the Property Rights Bill Sign as a petition or print and bring to your Family and neighbors.  Property Rights Bill Bring America back to your schools Reclaim Education Share with teachers, legislators and your school board. stop common core If you are going to a meeting there is some great protocol for your and your group to follow.

  • Try to educate County Commissioners or elected officials about the truth behind the plan.
  • It is very important that you are prepared, use graphs, charts and brochures.
  • Go with a group if you can.
  • Sit all over the room try not to sit together.
  • Record the meeting so you can put it on youtube for the community to hear.
  • Put your name on the agenda to speak. If you need extra time get others to go with you and sign up for time, then they can give the time to you.
  • Be Professional at all times regardless of the names you will be called. Do not be fooled into shouting or calling out.
  • if you go with a group, have printed signs or bring American flags to hold up instead of shouting or applauding.
  • If they want to break you into groups say no we what to hear what everyone is saying.
  • If you are forced to break into groups ask the people in the group where they live, what connection to the community.
  • Find out where the moderator lives, what connection to the community.
  • Tell them to define the words they use – what is sustainable? what is affordable? What is a conservation easement?
  • Where does the grant come from?  What are the strings attached? Who pays for expenses and maintenance once the grant is used up?
  • Where is the growth coming from?
  • Who pays once the land is off the tax roles?
  • Where is the actual science, not consensus science from a computer model, but actual science going back millions of years to prove their theory?
  • Name one project running in the black without government support?
  • What is the cost/expenses/ to implement vs the actual savings? How many year to recoup? ROI
  • What are the statistics showing the alleviation of problem you sited by  the solutions you offer.  Mass transit has more pollution, urban areas have more disease, crime, shortages and when a disaster hits they cost more to replace. So exactly why are you pushing people into crowded urban areas?
  • Give examples – are you turning in your car? shutting your air conditioning? How big is your house, are you going to share it with others?  Show pictures whenever possible.
  • Statistics show that when people use the land under private property, they take better care than when it is held in public domain. Who are they conserving the land for?
  • How much land do they think should be held in conservation schemes?  Then show the actual chart…[download id=”242″]

Check out and learn how they conduct a well organized meeting. For more information contact: Knowledge is Power – Truth, Education, Conversation, Action _____________________________________________________________ Pastor Martin Niemoller:

  • In Germany they first came for the Communists,and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist.
  • Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew.
  • Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist.
  • Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn’t speak up because I was a Protestant.
  • Then they came for me — and by that time no one was left to speak up.

Freedom is only one Generation away from Extinction – Ronald Reagan General Information to start: Understand the Problem Understand the US Constitution and the reason for the Constitution. Share information with your family and friends.

  1. Study the documents driving the Elite.  Sun Tsu-Art of War-  If you know yourself and your opponent, you will win, If you know yourself and not your opponent, you will win battles but lose battles, If you don’t know yourself and don’t know your opponent, you will lose.
  2. View the presentations on
  3. Become a watch dog for public officials in your community. GO TO MEETINGS. Hold officials accountable. Whenever you can run for office. The only way to defeat power is to control power. Urban Sprawl in Maryland
  4. Go to school board meeting. Check your children’s books. Get on you local school board or back new people. You must change your school board.  Tell them: Teach America first, then globalization.
  5. Work with others involved to form or join a support group.  Ask questions, share strategy.  No time for EGOS. Invite people to your home to watch DVD’s or movies on Agenda 21 Talk about it constantly. Goal, one new person a week.     Order DVD’s
  6. Demand American made goods and services. No more overseas call centers only American Customer Service and Tech Rep
  7. Join the AgEnders and Operation Paul Revere. Plan, Organize, Donate directly into campaigns or charities.
  8. Call your Congressional leaders regularly become a pest, they work for you. ONE person can make a difference.
  9. Demand state officials enforce the 10th Amendment. Visit the Tenth Amendment Center 
  10. Talk to your Sheriff. Will they uphold the constitution? Sheriffs make the difference. Will your sheriff protect you and your community. Vet your sheriff.  Visit Sheriff Mack.
  11. You can’t win if you don’t play the game.
  12. Sign up for the Newsletter, join Operation Paul Revere  and start your postcard campaign.  Send weekly Gadsden postcards to the RNC, Fed, State and Local Legislators, including your governors. DEFUND grants, subsidies and Unconstitutional Agencies.
  13. Become a walking billboard. View Marketing presentation
  14. Visit the Agenda21today store
  15. Join or form a Property Rights Council in your home town.[download id=”99″]. Start by having Property Rights seminars in your library, then move on to other Agenda 21 items.
  16. Become a community organizer. Distribute brochures and flyers. Go to town meetings and school board meetings.
  17. Create Marketing materials and and distribute all over town. Print [download id=”96″]
  18. Use sticky note campaign.
  19. From      Wear a lapel pin and put a flag on your  car. People will begin to talk to you so learn the [download id=”149″] to draw people into conversations. Then invite them to your meetings to learn more.
  20. From Great conversation points to talk to your clergymen. [download id=”131″]
  21. Call into local radio shows and write letters to editors.  Sample letters to the Editor [download id=”144″], [download id=”178″], [download id=”189″]
  22. Order Tom De Weese Tool Kit
  23. John Birch Society toolkit
  24. View the presentation [download id=”163″]
  25. Form your own group and create a radio show.
  26. [download id=”177″] for those who should be kicked out of office
  27. Use the marketing materials in the Get Involved section.
  28. Start a county newspaper –
  29. How Public officials can recognize Agenda 21
  30. Case against communism  Part1                                           Case against communism  Part2
  31. Reclaiming State Sovereignty

Do not be politically correct, always tell the truth.   At any meeting be calm and in control. Make sure you do your homework and know your subject. You are always looking for the truth not always presented, like:

  • Where is the scientific evidence to support the claim, or project?
  • For Central Planners:  How do you know that the population will increase if it is decreasing today?  How can you plan for 10+ years when we have no idea what new technology will emerge or weather events will happen?
  • What will the project cost?  after the grants?
  • Who pays for the project? How much?
  • How pays for the land after you have taken it off of the tax role.
  • Flyer your neighborhood to alert them of the meeting – make sure you site the sponsors of the project and where they get their money from. If the project has roots in the UN then say so.
  • Find out how much time you have to speak. if 5 minutes and your address is 30 min ask 6 friends to go with you. Give each friend a 5 min section of the speech and get the speech entered into the minutes. Do not sit together or enter the building together.
  • Try not to let them divide you into small groups. If they do, go back to the questions. ATTEND AN ANTI-DELPHI webinar before the meeting.
  • Listen to the videos of a Sustainable development meeting in California. Here are 4 short videos of the meeting in Santa Rosa, CA on January 9, 2012.
  • Read the National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act [download id=”196″]

Go speak to the Churches in your community. Use this sample and change it your you community and religious group. [download id=”108″]

Listen to more Experts: The Danger of Sustainable Development Tom Deweese | 2/19/11 [approx 1 hr. in 5 parts] Part1 [14:01]: Part2 [14:55]: Part3 [14:32]: Part4 [11:05]: Part5 [12:10]:

The Nature of Sustainable Development The Transformation of America s System of Government, Justice and Economics Michael Shaw | Radio Liberty Seminar | 10/29/06 [59:14 min]

Behind the Green Mask Rosa Koire | 3/8/11 | Moorpark, Calif. [1:37:53 min] Koire suggests reading: Redevelopment: the Unknown Government. What it is. What can be done. Download pdf: Illegal immigration is the tool to force open borders.

See what citizens in Florida are doing.   [download id=”123″]


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