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                                 What if you were silenced?

“Print is the sharpest and the strongest weapon of our party.”                Joseph Stalin

We all know that the media is controlled by the ELITE. We know they control their message. They believe:  There are no facts, there is no truth and the only reality is provided by your government.

Communication Is Key…

We believe in the power of the truth. Since we have been blocked from MSM, we will create our own media.  We will go high tech and low tech.  There is only one way to take back America and that is with the truth.  So what can you do?

American Patriot News

Stop preaching to the choir. The American Patriot News is on line ready for you to copy and distribute.  The American Patriot News reports the truth.  Just edit out the state and local news, put in yours and the American Patriot News  is ready for distribution.  Help us make the American Patriot News the paper for truth in reporting.

Low Tech:  The American Patriot News, created by AgEnders, Neil Rice and Bob Root, can be left in locations throughout your community.  The low tech paper is now being requested by the local retailers in their community. In the first trial run over 800 papers were distributed. That means 800 new people are learning the truth. We will post the papers, you can use them or create your own for your community.  It is imperative that we stop preaching to the choir. If you can not talk to your neighbors, can you get out a paper? See below for samples.

This is a perfect project for your group. Imagine if your community was informed when Agenda 21 meetings occurred, when commissioners and legislators made decisions prompted by Regional Councils, NGO’s and Non profit conservation groups. If you print the truth they will read it. Too many people are hungry for truth, you can provide it. If you print the truth they will read it.

This is a great project to incorporate the youth. Make them into reporters, teach graphics, have them find locations. Ask them what they want to read…You will wind up teaching them a lot of truth and they will learn to read.

HiTech:  Want to go HiTech, can you produce a show, do some DVDs, radio  TV.  Are you creative check out  and

Contact us as we bring up our new IP radio and TV shows for truth in media.

or view the instructions and get involved with the American Patriot News

Archives   2015

150824-volume 3, issue34A, pages 1-4 Putnam

150817-Volume 4, Issue 33A, Pags. 1-4, Putnam

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150112-volume 4, issue 03A pages 1-6 Putnam

150105-Volume 4, issue 1A pages, 1-6 Putnam

Archives   2014

140421-Volume 3, Issue 15A,Pages 1-6 Putnam

140414-Volume 3, Issue 14A, Pages 1-6 Putnam

140411-Volume 3, Issue 8, Pages 1-4, Taylor County Final[1]

140407-Volume 3, Issue 13A, Page 1-6 Putnam

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Archives   2013

APN 10-28-13 merged

APN 10-7-13 merged

APN Volume 2, Issue 25,  Taylor Final

APN Volume 2, Issue 26A, Putnam1

APN 12-1-13 merged

APN 11-18-13

APN Volume 2, Issue 23, Taylor

Taylor APN Volume 2 Issue 21

Putnam APN Volume 2 Issue 19

Pinellas APN Volume 2 Issue 18

Pinellas APN Volume 2 Issue 17

Taylor APN Volume 2 Issue 17

Taylor APN Volume 2 Issue 16

Taylor  APN Volume 2 Issue 15

 Pinellas APN Volume 2 Issue 15

American Patriot News Volume 2 Issue 14

American Patriot News Volume 2 Issue 13

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American Patriot News Volume 2 Issue 8

[download id=”255″]

[download id=”254″]

[download id=”250″] Volume 2 Issue 5 March 4

[download id=”246″]

[download id=”245″]

American Patriot News Volume 2 Issue 2 Jan 21

American Patriot News Volume 2, Issue 1 Jan 7


American Patriot News V 3

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[download id=”240″]

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