We shall have World Government whether or not you like it.  By Conquer or by consent.”  James Warburg, In the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Feb 17, 1950

Only the Elite can successfully rule the world.  The truth on the End Game

The Blueprint for all Agenda 21 programs come from the goals of communism. On Jan. 10, 1963, Congressman Albert S. Herlong Jr. of Florida read a list of 45 Communist goals into the Congressional Record. The list was derived from researcher Cleon Skousen’s book “The Naked Communist.” These principles are well worth revisiting today in order to gain insights into the thinking and strategies of much of our so-called liberal elite.  Read the goals

Using a tri-lateral plan to control the world, the sovereignty of nations must be removed whether the people want to or not.  Regions of Unions must be put in place so people will have no national allegiance.  Trade agreements like NAFTA and GATT are used to break borders.

Agenda 21 is the UN plan for the take over of the world in a One World Government scheme focused on phony science to “save the environment” by placing nature above man. Their information sounds nice but there is no true scientific factual or financial data to support their claims. The plan is designed to transfer your independence, wealth and land to the UN and a group of ELITE.  As soon as you begin to learn you will be called names. The ELITE must call you conspiracy theorists so you message will be discounted.  The hardest thing for Americans to grasp is that we have been lied to continually and that most American policy is based on those lies. The good news is the internet has made research readily available and the truth is now found on all government documents and in all government agencies.  As of now the Elite feel the American people are so stupid that they will believe any policy without question.  They can not handle opposition. Once you learn the facts and you can defuse any discussion. Don’t bother with hard core liberals, they are incapable of listening and can not discuss anything except to attack you personally.

Most of the One World Government ideology comes from the ILLUMINATI and their self appointed group of UN ELITE (Bilderbergs, Club of Rome, ) Their do as I say not as I do attitude is present in every issue. These self appointed ELITE have decided that they know everything you know nothing. They have written extensive reports all with roots in Agenda 21 designed for the sole purpose of separating you from your FREEDOM, PROPERTY and MONEY.  They use lies (the ends must justify the means) to trick you into giving them all your MONEY and POWER. They will stop at nothing to gain control.

They lie: In 1954 the Elite met in secret at the Bilderberg Hotel in Holand.  The goal was to create the 3 regions of control under the guise of trade: the EU, North American Union, Asian Union. The 3 interlocking super states form the Core of Global Government, with the United Nations serving as the world regulatory and enforcer over the third world subjects.

The group was so secretive that the controlled corporate media denied its existence. Reporters were harassed, and often detained.

Read their own words

As you go through this site you will find:

  • Educational information removed from schools and replaced with European Socialist programs
  • American Industries closed due to phony science eliminates the American Middle Class
  • Land Grabs designed to steal private property
  • Plans to destroy the US Economy for the purpose of redistribution of wealth by replacing free enterprise with PPP (Public/Government, Private/Free Enterprise Partnerships)
  • Environmental Projects designed to place nature before man purposefully putting man at risk.
  • Loss of Sovereignty with control of food supply, financial institutions, land, ocean and river headed for the UN.

The history of the plan can be found in the writing of Ann Bressington

UN Agenda 21 is not just Democratic or Republican. It is supported by both; after all it sounds good to save the environment. Agenda 21 was never ratified by the US Senate, yet through continued Executive Orders, our government agencies are following UN AGENDA 21 to turn America into a socialist/communist country. UN Agenda 21 is now dictating our every way of life. Americans are paying the UN to steal our country. WHY? There is only one answer: MONEY and POWER.

Agenda 21 was put together at the 1992 UN conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  Although Pres. George W. Bush (New World Order) signed the agreement, it was never ratified by the Senate.  To bypass the Senate, Pres. Clinton then signed an Executive Order #12852 and put the ball in motion.  Today we are following the unfair trade agreements signed at that time. Look up NAFTA and view the You Tube video:  Debate Bush, Clinton and Perot. Who was right?

Executive Order #12852, establishing the Presidents Council on Sustainable Development, forces America to pay bureaucrats not elected, to determine our laws and rights.  These bureaucrats answer to the UN.  They are in Government and Non-Government Organizations (NGO’s) with the sole purpose of following UN Agenda 21 while turning America into third rate country left in worldwide financial ruin.  Surprise, the people running our government were benefiting financially with huge windfalls.

Since that time Presidents have used the Executive Order to by-pass congress and We The People in order to implement the destruction of America through UN Agenda 21.

Read this site many times and verify everything you see. Ask questions, research answers and share those answers with your friends, family, legislators and community. For those who ask, “What can I do?”, look at our action plan.  The main goal of this site is EDUCATION. The rest is up to you… What America do you and your family want to live in?
Do you want an America with the Freedom of Choice; or an America where you are told your choice?

Liberal = Socialists=Communitarian=Fabian/ Just fancy words = LOSS OF FREEDOM 

The root of evil goes back hundreds of years to the time of Plato, a Greek philosopher who’s writing is ofter found in books like the Communist Manifesto. He knew how to use words to twist and manipulate.

“The Third Way/Wave may sound new and innocuous to many, but its founders include such earlier notables as Plato (The Republic), Karl Marx (The Communist Manifesto), and Adolf Hitler (National Socialism), certainly not the best crew for men and women sworn to defend our Constitution and to turn to for inspiration.”

“Plato didn’t call his revolutionary plan for tyranny ‘tyranny.’ Who would? Rather he cloaked every item of revolutionary change in more palatable terms like, ‘justice,’ or ‘the heavenly ideal,’ or ‘the pursuit of the good,’ or ‘the love of truth.’ ” He believed in and practiced double talk just as the politicians on both the left and right do today. “He believed so much in his double talk that he convinced casual readers that they were mulling over a Judeo-Christian appeal to virtue. Virtue, he taught, is whatever sustains or brings about the ideal city. And such an ideal city was his! Communist, through and through.”

Here are the ‘Virtuous’ Aims of Plato’s Third Wave

  1. Private property must be abolished, the wealthy hated and their wealth redistributed by state mandate.
  2. Children belong to, and are born to serve the state. The influence of parents is noxious and disruptive to the interest of the state, thus every child should be raised in government nurseries, without knowledge of who his or her parents are and without the parents having knowledge of who their offspring are. Every child becomes the common property of every parent in the city. Every parent has the collective duty to watch over them. (Hillary Clinton’s, It takes a Village)
  3. Private education, like traditional parenting, is at the very headwaters of falsehood and social strife. It must be eliminated and replaced with a closely monitored state school system.
  4. Old values passed down in history, song, children’s books, all need to be rewritten to discredit and erase the old virtues and to exalt and enthrone the new.
  5. Frivolous children’s games eliminated, new games developed that emphasize law and order.
  6. Private industry is self serving. State should have absolute control of all industry for benefit of the whole.
  7. Class mobility is a revolutionary idea that threatens the stability of the state and the pre-eminence of true philosophy. A strict caste system and the elimination of career choice is the answer.
  8. Talent must never be allowed to wander or be wasted. Early on, children must be identified and channeled by the state for the benefit of the state into careers selected by the state.
  9. Under the guise of equality, women ought to be exploited: first to foment ‘class war’ during the Third Wave (women’s roles are reversed to men’s); next, to be promptly put into their place as part of a ‘community of women’ to be shared collectively by male guardians.
  10. Selective breeding is beneficial to the state (Hitler)
  11. Unwanted babies, inferior babies, deformed babies and the adult handicapped are an unnecessary drag on the prosperity and well-being of society. They should be left to die. Unproductive adults, likewise, should be terminated. (Abortion, Obamacare)
  12. Homosexuality is morally acceptable and homosexual rape of lower-class males and boys is a right of rulers, guardians and war heroes.
  13. Only a few men are foreordained to understand life and higher good…the rest are equivalent of dumb sheep.
  14. Absolute loyalty to the government is vital for the success and safety of society. A state sanctioned KGB-like network is an essential good.
  15. Wealth is not essential to the safety of the state.
  16. Virtue rejects trouble making democracy (pure or direct democracy) as an end, yet shrewdly identifies it as the quickest, surest route to promoting the communist view of equality of ends.

Agenda 21 gains its value from those who have studied and believe the communist philosophy.

[download id=”158″] BY Dr. Preston T. Bailey, Jr.

G Edward Griffin How did we get there and what can we do?

First Book tying the environment, equity and economy together

1976 UN Habitat Guide

Rothschild Brothers- Unfinished Agenda the Citizen’s Policy Guide to Environmental Issues                                                                                 This Rockefeller-funded 1977 task force report lays out their plan to assimilate the emerging environmental conscientiousness into their plans for world government and centralized control. Scratch off the green coating to see the red core underneath.

Gro Harlem Bruntland – Our Common Future – She coined the phrase “Sustainable Developments.”  Good friend of Hillary Clinton.

Johannesberg Implementation Plan

Georgia Guidestones

[download id=”148″]

Bio Diversity Treaty 

Agenda 21 the Death Knell of Liberty 

Visit the Kings Bench and see the documents for yourself.

[download id=”243″]

Knowledge is power! 

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