Implementing Agenda 21/2030

Through a series of Executive Actions, Obama has partnered the UN with the Department of Justice in order to enforce his environmental programs in the name of solving terrorism.  Let us remember that anyone speaking out against UN Agenda 21/2030, Climate, energy, fairness, Vets, white Christian males are all considered to be terrorists.

AG Loretta Lynch and the UN henchmen are forming a new partnership for enforcement in 12 US cities. Encouraging riots, taking over local police by federalizing “incompetent police forces”, providing military grade weapons to US police forces in US cities places these local police forces under Federal Control. The local county sheriffs, your last line of defense are next. Controlling the police allows the Feds to     partner with the UN police. Americans are the terrorists. 12 US Cities will partner with the UN in a global law enforcement initiative called the Strong Cities Network. This is the implementation of UN rules and laws on US soil bypassing Congress and circumventing the Constitution.

See the Strong Cities Initiative.

If you don’t want to go along with these new plans, not to worry. Obama just signed an Executive Action allowing the Feds the ability to reeducate anyone who disagrees.

Scientist paid by US Tax Dollars, promote lies about the climate. Now these scientists want any dissenter in jail.  Loretta and the UN will be glad to comply.

In the Johannesburg Implementation Plan for the US, the UN called for NGO’s Regional Councils and ICLEI (International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives, Trades, Unions, Industry, Planners to implement UN Agenda 21 by training local, state and federal officials.Johannesburg Summit 2002

You can read the plan for the USA Johannesberg on USA

Implementing Agenda 21 in the America comes in different forms all follow the same concept of Cloward and Piven. In the 1960’s, Cloward and Piven determined that if you overload the system, you can collapse the system. We are well under way.

Ed Meese former Attorney General, Ed Meese makes a strong statement about the 2nd amendment and unconstitutional gun control.

Using Education to sell our children

Jeb Bush partners Florida with UNESCO.  All agencies and schools will be and teach “sustainability.”  See  and or read: Bush Partners Florida with the UN

The result is Florida has doubled its budget to accommodate sustainability. Environmentalists force property stealing regulations. Florida’s school are bottom in the country.

Star Parker comments on Entitlements

American Taxpayer Dollars Pay for our own Destruction

How does UN Agenda 21 get implemented in America?  UN Agenda 21 calls for the formation of NGO’s (Non-Government Organizations) to work on specific topics, never tying the projects together. This way the public thinks everything looks unrelated.  The taxpayer pays these NGO’s who use the phony science from the UN with American laws to regulate Americans out of jobs and off their land.  Unelected bureaucrats make up the restrictions, get communities to buy into these feel good rules.  The programs are extremely expensive causing massive tax increases, loss of private property and eventually the communities go bankrupt. There are over 2000 NGO’s in America with the destruction of America as their goal. Some know the goal, some do not but the net results will be the same unless they are stopped, which can be done. Many NGO’s are Tax Exempt Foundations.  The UN lays out this plan in the Johannesburg Implementation Plan

Norman Dodd on Tax Exempt Foundations

[download id=”160″]

Who are these alphabet agencies sanctioned by the United Nations determined to control our lives, liberty and the pursuit of happiness:

  • CFR [download id=”195″], [download id=”217″]  Who is the CFR?
  • ICLEI– International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives, see below.ICLEI USA, ICLEI Global,  
  • NACo – National Association of Counties, every state has one. They are unelected bureaucrats train your local officials how to eliminate your property rights by new zoning, ESA, wetlands, wildlands projects. They never call for preservation of private property.
  • ICMA the International City/County Management Association, develops and advances professional local government management to create sustainable communities that improve lives worldwide.Why are our elected officials getting their instructions from international groups supporting Agenda 21.
  • APA – American Planning Association, every state has one. They support Sustainable Developments even when they know  central planning is wrong.  APA knows Sustainable Development does not work
  • [download id=”212″] Wharton’s Plan – notice how private property is removed.
  • Florida League of Cities   The mission statement [download id=”228″]promotes the Earth Charter and social justice. We pay for that.
1.  Executive Order 12852 Presidents Council on Sustainable Development – Press Release and Intro clearly states the PCSD was created to promote Agenda 21
2.  !998 Federal Register – EPA – Creation of Sustainable Grant Fund………again states clearly the money we get from the EPA-HUD-DOT (which have formed a partnership) was to promote Agenda 21
3.  CNN Archives and  You Tube has a video of Nancy Pelosi on the floor of the House (10/92) pushing a resolution to promote Agenda 21)  This resolution was passed……..Newt Gingrigh voted for it……Gee and he said he knew nothing about Agenda 21 in our local communities.
4.  The statement by J Gary Lawrence in which he basically states we must hide Agenda 21 by using other words….Comprehensive Planning, Smart Growth etc. Sustainable J. Gary Lawrence, Under Bill Clinton. “Participating in a UN advocated planning process would very likely bring out many who would actively work to defeat any elected official.undertaking Local Agenda 21/Sustainable Development. So we will call our process something else such as comprehensive planning, growth management or smart growth.”  1998 UNEP Conference, UK
5.  Basically Agenda 21 started in the US with George H W Bush, Clinton formalized it (really it was Gore that pushed Bush to go and pushed the PCSD) PCSD mandated to the alphabet agencies the implementation of Agenda 21 in the US
6.  Clinton administration also awarded the APA a $5 million grant to create the training plan to be implemented in every university to teach the concepts of sustainable development (Agenda 21) and out of the came a 2 volume 11 lb. training guide.
7.  So connect the dots…….PCSD to Alphabet Agencies to NGO’s (ICLEI, Sierra Club, Nature Conservancy etc) to local government
8.  The next step is the NGO’s….namely ICLEI.  I have several good pieces of information that connects the DOTS between ICLEI and the UN that stops them in their tracks when they try to say ICLEI has nothing to do with A21 of the UN.
9. Agenda 21 Research [download id=”214″]
10  [download id=”215″]

ICLEI-International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (1990 to Dec. 31, 2003)

ICLEI changed its name on Jan. 1, 2004 to Local Governments for Sustainable Development.  But make no mistake ICLEI is not proposing local initiatives.

ICLEI makes reference throughout its myriad of documents to Agenda 21, UN Habitat and UN Earth Charter.  The 16 principles listed in the UN Earth Charter are identical to the 16 principles listed in the ICLEI Charter of 2003 and 2009 posted on the ICLEI website.

ICLEI is funded by donations from Foundations, individual donors, the United Nations, The United States Government and city/county membership fees and consultation fees.  The state of Florida alone has 37 cities/counties listed on their website.  The total in dues collected from these 37 cities/counties is:  $296,250.

In order to achieve sustainability you must abolish the unsustainable.  Per the Global Biodiversity Assessment Report the attached are considered unsustainable.                                                            Read Report

Explanation of ICLEI

ICLEI Global clearly highlights both Local and Global initiatives

ICLEI US Members list

UN Earth Charter US

UN Earth Charter wikipedia

ICLEI Charter  (2006)

ICLEI Charter (2003)

ICLEI Brochure 2009

Membership Fee

2010 Annual Report (pg. 5 lists Board of Directors and Funders)

ICLEI Assists with attaining funding (is there any accounting for how these funds were actually use?)

US Members List

ICLEI Connecting Leaders (it is very obvious that ICLEI is promoting United Nations policy in the United States)

ICLEI Full Membership Description (Local Agenda 21 there is no difference between Local Agenda 21 and UN Agenda 21)

Track the money

Recall of Councilor Poppaw

ICLEI Global and ICLEI Local are one in same organization.  There is constant reference on the GLOBAL site to local initiatives.

Here is the ICLEI Declaration of Commitment for 2007-2012

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan continued

 This is frightening

Strategic Plan 2007-2012

The following information gives rise to the condition of treasonous violation of Article 1 of the US Constitution:

As a member of ICLEI, the ICLEI Charter is explicitly accepted.

 Under ICLEI Charter and By-Laws:

 Charter 1.6 Representation Mandate:  “ICLEI shall serve as an international representative for its members and campaign participants by providing advocacy before national and international governments…”

Charter 1.7 Adopt the Earth Charter Principles.  The Earth Charter violates American principles including sovereignty, protection of unalienable rights etc.  The 16 Principles listed in both documents are exactly the same.

At the United Nations Conference on Human Settlements (Habitat I which ICLEI supports) Vancouver 1976 the globalist view of Social Justice was defined:

“Land…cannot be treated as an ordinary asset, controlled by individuals.

Private land ownership is also a principal instrument of accumulation and concentration of wealth and therefore contributes to SOCIAL INJUSTICE.

Public control of land use is therefore indispensable.

US Constitution Article  (Article 1 Section 10) makes us unique from other countries and does not allow for agreements with parties implementing foreign policy.

No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation; grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal; coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts; pass any Bill of Attainder, ex post facto Law, or Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts, or grant any Title of Nobility.

Participating in United Nation policies is a violation of our Constitution and to address these transgressions the following action needs to be taken:

  1. Immediately sever all connections with ICLEI in all states
  2. Immediately start the process of mitigating the damage caused by ICLEI policies in all states

Karen Bracken,

Charles Winkler/Charlottesville VA fights ICLEI

Fighting ICLEI in your community

[download id=”145″]

ICLEI, the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives, is an international association of local governments as well as national and regional local government organizations who have made a commitment to sustainable development.

ICLEI provides technical consulting, training, and information services to build capacity, share knowledge, and support local government in the implementation of sustainable development at the local level. Their basic premise is that locally designed initiatives can provide an effective and cost-efficient way to achieve local, national, and global sustainability objectives.

There are 609 dues-paying members (counties/cities) of ICLEI in the United States. There are 18 members (counties/cities) in Virginia.


ICMA, International City/County Management Association, is an organization of professional local government leaders building sustainable communities worldwide. The ICMA partners and works in concert with ICLEI.

ICMA provides technical and management assistance, training, and information resources in the areas of performance measurement, ethics education and training, community and economic development, environmental management, technology, and other topics to its members and the broader local government community.


The American Planning Association is one of many members of the PCSD. They partner with ICLEI & ICMA in the implementation of sustainable development. The APA published “Managing Growth and Development in Virginia: A Review of the Tools Available to Localities” to provide the tools necessary to implement sustainable development in Virginia.

Read Tom De Weese on APA

American Planning Association  

The Renaissance Planning Group is an urban planning firm. They played a critical role in Florida’s “Forever Program”. The Forever Program is Florida’s premier conservation and recreation lands acquisition program. Florida Forever is the largest public land acquisition program of its kind in the United States. With approximately 9.8 million acres of conservation land in Florida, more than 2.4 million acres were purchased under the Florida Forever and P2000 programs.


One of the most dangerous NGO’s is the US Chamber of Commerce;

Charlotte Iserbyt Former Senior Policy Advisor
U.S. Department of Education  tells all

IN 1945 WORLD WAR II ENDED. THE PREPARATION OF A JUST AND DURABLE PEACE TO produce a duly constituted world government began.
UNITED NATIONS CHARTER BECAME EFFECTIVE ON OCTOBER 24, 1945. playing and important role in the creation of the United Nations was the United States Chamber of Commerce. In 1999 when parents find their local Chamber of Commerce deeply involved in the highly controversial, socialist/fascist, dumbing-down workforce training necessary for a planned, global economy the fact that the U.S. Chamber was a prime mover in establishing the United Nations should not be forgotten. The following information is excerpted from an important research paper by Erica Carle entitled he Chamber of Commerce: Its Power and Goals (December, 1983):
Two slogans were popularized in order to gain backing for Chamber leadership:   
  • World peace through world trade and
  • More business in government and less government in business.

The Chamber sought to commercialize the world under its own direction. To do this it needed to find ways to affect and bypass operating policies of various states and nations. To change national policies, and even laws, required popular support and collective action.  A new type of blanket organization was needed, one that could blanket not only governments,
but professions, unions, educational institutions, farms, industries, sciences, religions and even families. An organization was sought which could bring about the cooperation and commercialization of all of these. A strong controllable international blanket organization was needed.
By the 1930’s plans for the new blanket organization to serve the Chamber’s purposes, the United Nations, were already well under way. The Chamber had the cooperation of tax-exempt foundations, some of which, such as the Carnegie Foundation for International Peace and the Rockefeller Foundation, had been set up early in the century. Large banks
and trusts could see future profits for themselves if they cooperated with the Chamber; and the cooperation of international corporations was assumed, especially since Thomas J. Watson was President of the International Chamber of Commerce and a Trustee of the Carnegie Foundation for International Peace. World War II aided… efforts to establish a rational international commercial system…. The United Nations organization could be used to gain governments compliance
with the Chamber’s plans for a unified, controlled world economy, and also the cooperation of various non-Governmental organizations.
The following are some of the measures the Chamber of Commerce has supported to aid in the transfer of power from individuals and independent governments, groups, businesses and professions to the Chamber-advocated management system:
1. Creation of the United Nations.
2. Creation of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.
3. Regional Government or New Federalism.
4. Medicare (Commercialization of medical professions).
5. Postal reorganization.
6. Organized Crime Control Act.
7. Contracting for school services with private industry.
8. Voucher system for education.
9. Management and human relations techniques for handling personnel in industry.
10. Health care planning councils.
11. Prepaid medical practice (HMOs).
12. Federal land use planning.
13. Federally-imposed career education.
14. Equal Rights Amendment.
15. Cross-town busing for desegregation.
Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt page 34/35

US Chamber of Commerce – Erica Carle
Part 1
Part 2


NGO’s funded by taxpayers have the sole purpose of implementing UN AGENDA 21

The ICC – International Code Council controls building in America.   Why are we following UN Building Code?   read more
Florida Follows Green Building code Does your state?

NACo – Nation Association of Counties trains/Indoctrinates counties and Managers               read about NACo

NACo following UN Agenda 21 NACo trains counties how to live sustainable and follow UN Agenda 21..    read more


and the newest one
CNU – Congress for New Urbanization  Too bad if you don’t want to live in a crowded city, you will   read more


ICMA – International City/County Managers Association trains/indoctrinates  city/county managers in sustainability   Why is an International  UN NGO training Florida county managers?   Read about ICMA


The UN IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Control controls the phony weather data now followed by the US. Their information is consensus based (they have the conclusion first and they create phony models to meet teh conclusion.  Why is a UN NGO controlling our weather programs?
Global Warming is being promoted so the people will not prepare for the cold climate facing us. This will create mass genocide and
follow the important edict of depopulation.  Less people to control.

Read the truth about the weather 

There are about 2000 NGO’s and Non- Profits funded by Federal and State tax dollars implementing UN Agenda21.
Sierra Club,

Audubon Society

most are environmental groups.  The predetermine what the NGO wants mostly focused on land and they apply an endangered species or phony environmental issue and sue the state or individual.

Depopulation is very important
Planned Parenthood through its abortion mills fulfill the depopulation component. read the history of Planned Parenthood. 

Executive orders create NGO’s designed to carry out

Executive Orders are use to create NGO’s designed to impose strict regulations on Farmers, Fisherman, Mines, Ranches, Small Businesses.

Through EO 13575 Rural Counties will control food and cause farmers to go broke forcing them to see their land.
Monsanto will control the food with its genetically modified seed.  Hungry people will do anything.
Soros and Bill Gates have large holdings in Monsanto – Florida could get rid of the EPA, FDA and grow food for Florida           read more

Florida could get rid of the phony regulations from NOAA and start fishing.  EO Ocean/Water Management will control the water.
This would bring much needed food and revenue to America.

Environmental groups focus on Energy to constrict movement, business, industry and prosperity.  People who can not move are easier to control. Lack of energy will also cause people to freeze and thin the herd like what happened in Europe this winter.    Germany goes back to coal.

EPA signs MOU with the UN. The EPA will now follow phony consensus science to restrict Americans while promoting sustainable development
to promote sustainable development.  read more

Please read this report on redevelopment programs in CA.

The program works the same all over America.
There is no place in the world where sustainable development works. It has been designed to suck the money out of the states forcing land sales for debt. The land inside the development is overly expensive and the land outside is useless.
Agencies we fund train city and county managers to buy into the green programs forcing people into overly expensive repairs, up grades and greening.
In Miami Dade the Greenprint program demand that people green their homes before a sale adding $20-30000 to the price.  Read the GreenPrint

Pay attention to the Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact  they want people to pay for a study to determine what to do with the highways when the oceans raise 4-20 ft. (a lie).  In reality what they will do is create a region so the counties will no longer be relevant. They want to tax people now to get ready.                 read report

The agencies are non elected bureaucrats who train city and county managers who will eventually by pass elected officials with regulations often following the strings attached to the grants.
They must create regions not counties or states.  Borderless areas so people will have no one to hold accountable.
Most agencies are initially funded by the Tides Foundation – George Soros.
Decision making is put in the hands of unelected bureaucrats with one goal in mind, elimination of private property through regionalization, zoning, regulation and taxation.

1000 Friends of Florida is focused on building sustainable communities whether the people like it or not. Is there a group of “Friends in your state? read about the Friends  

Their yearly report focuses on their sustainable programs.

and the consultant to 1000 Friends has ties with the UN

Does you community have a Vision Plan a Vision plan determines where you will live and under what conditions.  Most expect you to do more with less.
These plans call for regionalization to break down the borders so people will have no allegiance to no one and will be forced to follow the orders of bureaucrats..

Through the APA and the LEEDs programs, consumers are forced to build Green adding 10’s of thousands dollars of unnecessary cost  to new and existing homes.

Check in your county:  How much land is already owned and controlled by NGO, Trusts and Non-Profits who take the land off the tax roles forcing counties to require residents to pay higher taxes that they can not afford.  These high taxes force people to lose their land which is the goal.
They create regions so people have no allegiance to “home turf” and won’t pay attention to the controls and restrictions.
They must bring in massive amounts of illegals to overburden the system forcing higher taxes, less services ultimately becoming more loss of land.
Foreclose neighborhoods will be perfect for new developers to “level the blight” and create sustainable developments filled with mixed use housing subsidized by the government.




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June 2012, was the Rio conference that took UN Agenda 21 out of the closet.  UN Agenda 21 is real and will destroy your community. You will find most of their documents are VOID of the section called Private Property Rights.

Their new constitution is called, \”The Future We Want.\” (101)

Of course you have no say in this new future except the choices government gives so you can continue to pay for your sins, oh evil Americans.

There will be new rules and regulations that team Obama will come back with to be implemented by the same federal agencies that receives our taxes.  In essence, we are paying for our own demise.

Proof is in the pudding or in this case, the minutes to their own meeting! I’m sure this is old news to you.

Not sure what the UN is about?  Grab some popcorn and see this historical documentary.

Executive Summary of RIO event (79)

Live coverage of the event on

UN Bosses secret plot

Secret Meetings

Minutes of the meeting (406)

Treaties (81)

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