Bill of Rights

The Bill of Rights was erected by our founders to be a sentinel, a guardian of our rights, during those “unavoidable times of inattentiveness by the people.”  Our founders had learned from over 700 years of history that when people become accustomed to their rights, they are likely to let their guard down, and tyranny would have the chance to creep in.  Our Bill of Rights does not GIVE us our rights, nor is it an exhaustive list, but a list that was meant to remind us of the Liberty given to us by God, and secured by the blood of our fathers throughout the centuries.  It is our wake up call, when tyranny tries to take hold.  Our founders came to this nation with the English Bill of Rights of 1689 which is rooted in the 1628 Petition of Rights, The Magna Carta, and the 1100 Charter of Liberties.  With these documents and 700 years of hard fought wisdom they gave to millions not yet born our Bill of Rights to guard against the inevitable rise of tyranny.

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