Operation Paul Revere

Dear Patriots:WE, THE PEOPLE,are called to ACTION to declare our independence from tyranny and to preserve the Constitution of the United States of America.

Operation Paul Revere is the call to action for Agenders all over America.
Agenders are solution based and Operation Paul Revere is the way to act on those solutions.
Emails will go out to Agenders in all states based on ideas submitted to the team. We will set an action plan and act upon it.
Sign up for our newsletter and ride with Paul as we alert patriots and legislators throughout the country.
All Alerts will be archived on the site below.
It is Boots on the Ground – for your children and grandchildren.  This is your last chance to save the Republic for THEM!!

The most important call to action is to educate yourself and inform you legislators and others.  Agenda 21 is a real plan to destroy America. It can be found on the Federal Government web site and on the UN website.

Once you inform your legislator, have them sign the pledge below.

In Freedom,
The Agenders Team

Cut and paste to give to your Legislator. Retain for your records.

Hold Legislator responsible at Town Halls.


                            CONVERSATION RECEIPT

On ____________, at__________, I, ______________________, engaged in a ____minute conversation with my constituent, ______________________, during which I was informed of UN Agenda 21 and the scope of its implementation in the United States of America at the local, state, and national levels. I was alerted to its destruction of the Constitution of the United States and its blatant violation thereof, through funding to and from foreign agencies in violation of Article 1, Section 10 of the Constitution and through regulations implemented through Non Governmental Agencies (NGO’s) that obliterate the personal liberties that are guaranteed in the Bill of Rights.







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