Influence In America

Agenda 21 has it tentacles all over America leaving in its path a wake of destruction of liberty, freedom and the United States Constitution. The crushing assault on personal property, education, and small industry through massive over regulation can only be accomplished through lies and deception. This section will describe the Influences of Agenda 21 on America Today.  It is very important for the Obama Administration to get Agenda 21 implemented as quickly as possible. We were told by Obama: If Congress will not approve a regulation, I will use Executive Orders. We will connect the different sectors of problems in America and show you the connection.

First:  Understand that everything is connected. Everything happens for a reason and everything action has a consequence.

Second: Agenda 21 is not about the environment or saving the planet, it about controlling the people, taking their money and land. Good vs Evil

Third: America has more natural resources than any other country in the world. America is the prize and America’s best resource is its free people.

Fourth:  Everything you have been told has been based on a lie.

So the UN ELITE made up a plan to destroy the world one country at a time. Their plan was always the same:

  • take over the banking, then education, industry, business, manufacturing, food, healthcare, private land and the people.

Created a crisis:

  • man made global warming, famine  shortages, disease, war

Made the people give up

  • land, guns, freedom

Elite give the people:

  • drugs, entertainment, no responsibility, government handouts

ELITE get everything Sheeple (your new name) nothing

Good bye:  Spain, Argentina, Cuba, Germany, Hungary, Russia, Poland and many more countries.

The one thing the ELITE did not count on is the American people. So let’s see what we are up against because one the plan is known it is easier to destroy.

Today the United Nations controls every Federal Agency in America. These Agencies get their rules and marching orders from a variety of UN Non-Government Organizations called NGO’s, Non-profits or Trusts.      They believe the enemy of the Earth is Man and the Enemy of Agenda 21 is American. Americans know the truth and eventually America will wake up.

How does this work?

Dr. Michael Coffman has the best description:

The IUCN is the International Union for the Conservation of Nature IUCN writes all of the rules and regulations.  Originated the concept of Agenda 21:

  • Sustainable Development
  • Ecosystem Management / Biodeversity
  • Based on Ecospiritualism
“…promote alternative models for sustainable communities and lifestyles, based in ecospiritual practices and principles…to accelerate our transition to a just and sustainable future….
Humanity must undergo a radical change in its attitudes, values, and behavior….
In response to this situation, a new global ethics is taking form, and it is finding expression in international law.”
IUCN’s Ethics Working Group’s  publication, Earth Ethics, 1996
What does sustainable development really mean?
Sustainable by definition, means not only indefinitely prolonged, but nourishing, as the earth is nourishing to life and the
self-actualizing of persons and communities. The word development need not be restricted to economic activity, but can mean the evolution, unfolding growth and fulfillment of any and all aspects of life.
“Traditional [pantheistic] societies tend to view themselves as members
of a community that not only includes other humans, but also plants and animals as well as rocks, springs and pools. People are then members of a community of beings — living and non-living. Thus rivers may be viewed as mothers. Animals may be treated as kin.”                        United Nations Global Biodiversity Assessment, Section 12.2.3, pp 838.
Mikhail Gorbachev (RIO + 5 Conference, March 1997):
“So we should restrict and limit our consumption and also reassess our way of life, we should be more modest. That means that we should make a transition to a new set of commandments of ten or fifteen ecological commandments.” called The Earth Charter.
The Earth Charter “is the articulation of a spiritual vision that reflects universal spiritual values” whose objective is to implement “a radical change in humanity’s attitudes and values.”It is “a people’s charter that serves as a universal code of conduct for ordinary citizens, educators, business executives, scientists, religious leaders….”
Federal Government take money from the Taxpayer and gives it to the Federal agencies whose job is to protect our liberty and property.
The Federal Agencies like:
take orders from UN, UNESCO, IUCN, WHO, World Wildlife Fund,

World Resources Institute and other UN departments who think that man is the enemy of the earth and scratching the surface of the earth is punishable by code, regulation or loss of land.
These UN groups, hate Americans and Humans so they make up rules using lies, give the lies to US agencies to implement while the taxpayer pays the UN. for its own demise.
UN gets money from the US taxpayer via an Agency Grant, then funds and uses environmental groups like: ICLEI, Sierra Club, Nature Conservancy, Nat. Wild. Fed., Nat. Audubon, NRDC, EDF; World Heritage Foundation, Everglades Restoration Project, Florida Forever to steal taxpayer land with some of the acts listed below.
During the 1960s and early 1970s the various Rockefeller foundations sponsored a host of studies designed to destroy private property rights and institute state control over property rights. Out of these came:
  • National Environmental Protection Act—1969
  • Clean Air Act—1970
  • Creation of the EPA—1970
  • Clean Water Act—1972
  • Endangered Species Act—1973
  • Various federal land use control bills—1970-1975 (they failed)
  • The Adirondack State Park Agency (APA)—1973                                  by Governor Nelson Rockefeller

One by one banking, education, industry, business, manufacturing, food, healthcare, private land, jobs topple like a domino as the regulations destroy. industry after industry until the sheeple became Americans again.

This section is divided into the 4 sections of the Agenda 21 Plan and describes the influence of the plan on America.

The Rio Declaration on Environment and Development Agenda 21 Chapter 1 Preamble
Section I. Social and Economic Dimensions
                                         Chapter 2 International Cooperation for Sustainable Development
Chapter 3 Combating Poverty
Chapter 4 Changing Consumption Patterns
Chapter 5 Demographic Dynamics & Sustainability
Chapter 6 Human Health
Chapter 7 Human Settlements
Chapter 8 Decision Making

Section II. Conservation and Management of Resources for Development                                                                                             
Chapter 9 Protection of the Atmosphere
Chapter 10 Land Resources
Chapter 11 Deforestation
Chapter 12 Desertification & Drought
Chapter 13 Sustainable Mountain Development
Chapter 14 Sustainable Agriculture & Rural Development
Chapter 15 Conservation of Biodiversity
Chapter 16 Biotechnology
Chapter 17 Protection of the Oceans
Chapter 18 Freshwater Resources
Chapter 19 Toxic Chemicals – Management
Chapter 20 Hazardous Wastes – Management
Chapter 21 Solid Wastes – Management
Chapter 22 Radioactive Wastes – Management

Section III. Strengthening The Role Of Major Groups                        
Chapter 23 Preamble Major Groups
Chapter 24 Women
Chapter 25 Children & Youth
Chapter 26 Indigenous People
Chapter 27 Non-Governmental Organizations
Chapter 28 Local Authorities
Chapter 29 Trade Unions
Chapter 30 Business & Industry
Chapter 31 Scientific & Technological Community
Chapter 32 Role of Farmers

Section IV. Means of Implementation                                             
Chapter 33 Financial Resources
Chapter 34 Technology Transfer
Chapter 35 Science for Sustainable Development
Chapter 36 Education, Public Awareness & Training
Chapter 37 Capacity Building in Developing Countries
Chapter 38 International Institutions
Chapter 39 International Legal Instruments
Chapter 40 Information for Decision-making

Agenda 21 WordPerfect 5.1, zipped
Programme 21 Français – WP5.1, zipped
Programa 21 Español – WP5.1, zipped

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