“Government is the greatest fiction, through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everything else.”  Fredric Bastiat

While some sleep, others fight to defend American Freedom, The U.S. Constitution and Private Property.

Agenda 21 is the Plan the Progressive Elite uses to weaken American individualism and national pride.  Once the wedge is in place the use of chaos, lies and propaganda makes it easy to tackle their three enemies:
1.  Private Land Ownership – gives the individual motivation to fight for “his” property
2.  Capitalism – The desire to do better, get more, own a business
3.  The American Republic – Sovereignty, Nationalism, Individual Rights and Freedom are the enemies of Communism/Socialism/Progressivism

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Around America Citizens Take Action Against this Agenda
Author Henry Lamb calls this a Revolution without bullets       Listen>>>

VET YOUR CANDIDATES.  We have found many candidates are elected officials in the US and are promoting UN AGENDA 21 not USA SOVEREIGNTY.  

Here you will find samples of emails and letters sent to Legislators, Governors and School Boards.

Operation Paul Revere is the Agenders call to action. We will request that all of you become Agenders and ride with Paul by sending the letter, make calls or send email at a specified time.  Make sure you get your name on the mailing list for the News Letter so you can keep up to date and ride with Paul Revere.

Please feel free to use an and all of the marketing materials on the web site. You may put your name as contact information so people in your area can reach you. Our only request is that you leave the web site on all marketing information pieces. The team that put these materials together are dedicated to getting this information out.

We are Agenders, WE ARE HERE TO HELP.

The arts are used to promote communist propaganda

7 Reasons why Liberals are Incapable of Understanding the World.

Obama cult