A phrase we will never forget stated by Mr. Obama, “Under my plan your energy prices will necessarily sky rocket.”   Why?

Green Energy Fraud, Dr Michael Coffman


Florida power merging with  Duke Energy to become the LARGEST (that’s the bad part!!!) energy company in the US.  We all know that big is bad, more power is bad.  I was not aware that Progress Energy’s HQ have been located up in NC, two cities that are probably already VERY AGENDA 21.  If they aren’t yet, they soon will be with the crazy ass Governor.  The merger has been planned since January 1, 2011, however, they are hoping that it will legally occur by 12-31-11?  FP has some pretty good debt that Duke will be taking on and all power companies are going to be made to be clean or green by 2014.  IF they are not clean the EPA will close them.  Many are spending millions to get their company’s up to speed with all this green crap going on.  I guess we’ll see more TARP money being doled out. The coal factories will be shut down until the dictator can be gotten rid of.  Also, since they are getting ready to revamp the two companies into one and make it “green,” I do not see the “Smart boxes” going away, even if they do emit radiation and make people sick.   Holly, Agender

The Wind farm Energy SCAM


The administration has been promoting another “You Lied”moment.

That phrase characterizes the true meaning of Agenda 21, Redistribution of Wealth in order to gain power and control.  American is dependent on energy to run the country as all industrialized countries are.  The less expensive the energy costs are, the faster, cheaper and easier it is for companies to operate cost effectively.  The American advantage is the abundance of natural resources that we need to provide our energy. The proponents of Agenda 21 can not have individuals mobile, buying inexpensive supplies and materials that are American made and prosperous.  That will give a bad example to the rest of the world who is being trained to live under an austerity mindset. Cheap energy leads to profitable companies large and small. That could lead to individual people becoming successful, owning cars and private property. This is considered unsustainable.  Individual wealth must take a back seat for the good of the collective…..

So they lie to coral their environmental groups who site shortages and endangered species, in order to implement their phony programs that are designed not to work, be overly expensive and crash the economy. Regulations based on false information are use to stop business in its tracks while Americans are forced to purchase billions of barrels of oil from countries who are using American taxpayer dollars to create armies to take America down.

Even though the Obama administration is under a contempt of court citation, the Department of Interior, Ken Salazar refuses to grant permits forcing drillers to leave American waters.  Funny how they uses those same dollars to set up a new rig only a few miles from American shores. Today while American drillers and coal miners are stuck in bureaucratic red tape, on purpose while Brazil and Mexico prosper using American dollars.  1.7 million people out of business due to the greed of the ELITE who want to take America down.

We need to get some broad based support, to capture the public’s imagination… So we have to offer up scary scenarios,make simplified, dramatic statements and make little mention of any doubts…
Each of us has to decide what the right balance is between being effective and being honest.
” – Prof. Stephen Schneider, Stanford Professor of Climatology, lead author of many IPCC reports

Coal makes us sick. Oil makes us sick. It’s global warming. It’s ruining our country. It’s ruining our world.” – Harry Reid, U.S. Senate majority leader

Adopting a central organizing principle…means embarking on an all-out effort to use every policy and program, every law and institution…
to halt the destruction of the environment.
Al Gore, Earth in the Balance

A massive campaign must be launched to de-develop the United States. De-development means bringing our economic system into line with the realities of ecology and the world resource situation.” – Paul Ehrlich,
Professor of Population Studies

America is the prize. America has more fossil fuels and coal than any other country in the world.

Professor Terry Lovell

Lindsey Williams – The Energy Non-Crisis

According to the oil industry, if America could drill, gas in the USA would be about $1 a gallon.

However, if oil and gas are higher, American’s won’t drive those unsustainable cars, they won’t buy some luxury items as they have to control their budgets so more businesses will go under and they won’t be able to meet and demonstrate.  UN Agenda21 Power and Control.

The EPA Lies Again

Domestic Oil and Gas to Drive the American Economy

Exploration and Production for America by Americans

John Estabrooks, SWLA Tea Party

Problem:  The United States Congress has failed to deliver and effective domestic energy policy. The United States Congress has failed every American Citizen.   

Solution: The United States Congress must formulate an effective energy policy using increased domestic drilling and production of both crude oil and natural gas.

The failure of our Congress to implement an effective energy policy dates to the 1973 Oil Embargo.  Oil is now a weapon of foreign policy. Jimmy Carter on April 20th 1977 called our reliance on foreign oil the greatest challenge our nation would face in our lifetime. Today America still lacks and effective energy policy.

After the blow out of the Macondo well (BP) the Department of Interior and the White House stopped all drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. The Administration placed a drilling moratorium on all Ultra Deepwater exploration along with all shallow water exploration and development. This action was against the recommendations of a D.O.I. selected panel of experts. Experts felt the industry safety standards had not failed. These Experts felt that B.P. had failed not the Industry as a whole.  On June 20th 2010 Judge Martin L.C. Feldman issued an injunction, describing the president’s decision as rushed; ruling that the government had jumped to the conclusion that all deep-water drilling rigs are dangerous despite the lack of any evidence. Offshore Drilling was under attack in the name of safety.

The numbers below are direct from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) web site United States liquid Fuels Supply and Imports. 

  • Domestic oil production is 5.5 million barrel per day.
  • United States consumption rate is 19 million barrels per day
  • America must purchase 13.5 million barrels per day.
  • The purchase of foreign oil is the greatest drain on the American economy.
  • At today’s cost of $105 per barrel America ships $1,417,500,000.00
  • This economic drain equates to a loss of countless American jobs.
  • Escalating prices affect every American and countless American industries. Loss of rigs affects; suppliers, vendors and many related service industries.

If America is to remain a World Leader, more oil and natural gas from American resources are needed.  World leaders do not rely on others to control their destiny.  Congress is allowing this destruction by its failure to take action against those who stop exploration and production.

The wealth of every American Citizen is being handed over to nations that hate America and our lifestyle. All this leads to diminishing America’s position in the World. Congress knows that agencies of the Executive branch have broken laws and hindered domestic efforts.

Congress grants these agencies power by approving their annual budgets.  There is no place in the Constitution for these agencies. Regulation of industry should be reserved for the states.

Domestic oil and natural gas exploration must increase. Alternative energy sources cannot and will not replace (near term) our Nations need for crude oil and natural gas. It is clear foreign oil supplies are being pressured by the Middle East crisis. Expanding demands on foreign supply by China, India and many emerging nations place continued pressure on supply. A total disruption could send oil prices over $200.00 per barrel.

America has many years of energy reserves (200- 900 years)

When oil is drilled in America, domestic prices will drop by several dollars per gallon. American dollars stay in America to fuel our economy. Americans will go back to work and businesses will flourish due to lower energy costs. America must increase domestic Oil and Natural Gas production. Estimates listed by United States Geological Survey place Oil reserves at over 2 trillion barrels and Natural Gas Reserves well over 200 trillion cu/ft. The numbers above are government estimates. It should be stated that these numbers tend to be low estimates vs. historical recovery. It is clear that if allowed the United States Executive Branch and Congress could reduce American reliance on foreign oil.

Foreign Oil Sources always at risk

OPEC oil production and exploration is under attack from Muslim extremist. Libya, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain are fighting protesters. Iraq is holding back extremist each day.  Middle East oil production is at risk. South American oil supplied from Hugo Chavez cannot be trusted. Russia loves taking dollars. What American would trust a Russian oil supply? Foreign Oil Sources place our Nation at risk.

Who is stopping United States Oil Exploration and Production?

United States oil exploration and production is under attack by Federal agencies (EPA, BOEMRE) President Obama and his Administration. Citizen tax dollars fund this very real domestic effort to slow exploration and development of our abundant energy supply.

  • President Obama – President Obama sent Billions to Brazil and Mexico to drill in the GOM while refusing to support domestic companies (redistribution of wealth) drilling in the same waters; total hypocrisy.
  • Department of Interior – Ken Salazar refused to grant permits. Contempt of Court charges issued in New Orleans against Ken Salazar, Federal Judge Martin Feldman writes; “The Court concludes that the plaintiffs have established the government’s civil contempt of its preliminary injunction Order by evidence “so clear, direct and weighty and convincing as to enable the fact finder to come to a clear conviction, without hesitancy, of the truth of the precise facts of the case.” WHERE IS CONGRESS????
  • EPA – Did not do its job by investigating BP to enforce violations. EPA doctored reports from their own team in order to get a moratorium issued.  EPA over regulation has driven all plans for domestic refinery capacity overseas.
  • The Export Import Bank of the United States hands over two billion dollars to the Brazilian Oil Company Petro-Bras for offshore drilling operations. The Export-Import Bank of the United States, an independent federal agency, loaned more than $2 billion to the Mexican state oil company PEMEX in 2009 and 2010.
  • Oil Companies.  Congress milks the Oil Industry for campaign contributions while foreign nations prosper on the backs of the American families.  No more lies or excuses.
  • Congress allows Oil and Resource rich land to be sold to foreign countries.  Foreign Nations are taking control of our resources. Reuter’s reports. “In one of the biggest land deals, Korea National Oil bought one third of Anadarko Petroleum’s land holdings in South Texas for 1.55 billion. The purchase of 80,000 acres is located in the Eagle Ford Shale section, which is believed to have rich deposits of oil, natural gas and liquids. China’s CNOOC purchased $1.3 billion of oil and shale land in Colorado and the Southwest. India’s Reliance paid $11,354 per acre for land purchased from Pioneer Natural Resources. What will be left for your children???
  • Environmentalist and the Green Agenda Billionaires, Elitist and Socialist Democrats have been handing down a false dream.  It is a lie that American has reached peak Oil.

America has an abundance of crude oil and natural gas reserves.  These reserves are being sold out from under the American people.

American Oil and Gas NOW. We have a vast amount of domestic supply that is being held hostage by unconstitutional agencies filled with non-elected people that are lying to the American Citizen.

  •  Congress by its inaction is placing our Nations security at risk. Economic failure will occur and Americans are forced to purchase expensive foreign oil.  There will be no economic recovery if this continues. Inflation and devaluation are on going today.
  • By listening to the lies from these unconstitutional agencies, Congress granted unconstitutional agencies power to kill the American economy.
  • The single most powerful tool that Congress holds is the power of the purse. Congress can cut all funding from both the Department of Interior and the EPA. Congress can Legislate them out of business.
  • Congress must take action to complete a, domestic energy policy,   open up federal lands and offshore leases to allow for exploration and production of our natural resources. Failure for 38 years of ineffective energy policies rest with Congress.
  • Congress must stop the selling of American land out from under its Citizens.
  • Congress must take full control from the Executive Branch and its unconstitutional agencies. Congress must listen to the Will of the American citizens to open up all areas of this nation to Oil Exploration and Development.

While demanding that American be the greatest humanitarian country, President Obama refuses to allow America to help Japan.

President Obama continually states that America must be the rock of humanity and perform humanitarian tasks for the world.   The strangle hold of over- regulation based on lies promoted by these unconstitutional agencies inhibit America’s ability to perform its humanitarian duty.  A strong energy independent America will create a economic security that will allow America to help all Nations in time of crisis.  In order to assist Japan, who is lacking energy and in need of our help, these regulations must be suspended.

Defund the Interior Department, force them to fast track Domestic Exploration Projects

  • Increase revenue to America in the form of taxes on all foreign energy companies drilling domestic leases. Put Americans to work exploring and producing American resources.
  • Ken Salazar, the EPA, and President Obama will be forced to grant permits.
  • Expansion of an all encompassing domestic energy program with sensible regulations. Domestic refiners state no new plants are being built in America due to over regulation by Federal and State government agencies.  Force D.O.I. to stream line.
  • Enforce the Contempt order against the Administration. Ken Salazar has deceived the Federal Court by openly holding permits. Americans must demand accountability. Salazar belongs behind bars for his contempt of Court. Congress should enforce laws.

Stop Foreign Country loans at the expense of American Companies and the American Tax Payers

  • 2 Billion Dollars to Petro-Bras, Brazil (George Soros profits millions)
  • 2 Billion Dollars to PEMEX – Mexico owes the U.S. Billions.
  • Allow Domestic Drillers to increase rig count and expand both land and offshore Domestic Oil and Gas exploration. Offer loans to build Petro-Chemical refineries in America. Offer loans to build Land and Offshore Domestic Rigs.
  • Explore Natural Gas to fuel autos and trucks. America has the largest supply of Natural Gas on the Planet. So why are we inventing expensive Autos that use electricity created by COAL? Instead of Clean burning abundant Natural Gas.  Stop the green lie and let’s put America back to work.
  • Call, E-mail and Write your Congressman today.

                                 DEFUND the EPA and the DOI