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Now you are thinking how can we get rid of this and take our country back?

Learn the Plan: Money, Power and Control

The Norman Dodd Interview with G Edward Griffin

First understand their strategy: Political Correctness really promotes Cultural Marxism

Sustainable Development is the [download id=”172″]

Let’s remember these words:

“Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules,” Alinsky wrote in his 1989 book Rules for Radicals. When pressed to honor every word of every law and statute, every Judeao-Christian moral tenet, and every implicit promise of the liberal social contract, human agencies inevitably fall short. The system’s failure to “live up” to its rule book can then be used to discredit it altogether, and to replace the capitalist “rule book” with a socialist one.

It is time to do the reverse.  Hold them accountable for their words. Make them honor every word every statute. Use the truth and the lies will bury them.

Ever think: What is wrong with these people, why are they so willing to give away their freedom and private property?  Believe it or not, the American education is so bad most people don’t even know what they are fighting for. Most people on the left think social justice is a social network and communism is a just and fair society where the government takes care of everyone and everything and no one pays for anything except those greedy rich people.If you understand history, you will learn that this approach never works. Eventually so much is take from the wealth creators that they stop working and stop employing others. As Marget Thatcher said<  “Socialism never works because eventually you run out of other people’s money.”

The problem is as always: Just exactly what obligation does someone else have to take care of you?

Did you ever get a job from a poor person? Rich people risk their money and work 24/7 until they make it and most try many times before success.

The left protestors often do not realize that poverty in America is luxury in most other countries.  The average income in third world countries is $10,000 or less. No TV, computers, Ipad, I phones, cell phones, Xbox or the latest and greatest. Yet the misguided left believes that the government must have more money so everyone can have the same. They believe the Government will just level the playing field.  AH but to what level. Not the American level that is too high and unsustainable…..

More like the Chinese or Mexican level. California just build a bridge using Chinese labor to the tune of $12 a day or about $4,000 a year. Chinese people can’t live in those beautiful pictures of fancy apartments. They stay in dorms shared with others. Will Americans be satisfied with the Chinese wage?????

So let’s learn about Agenda21 and use the words in reverse.  Why is Al Gore using a private plane, live in a mansion on the “rising ocean?  Learn and personalize. Use their own words against them. So Al when will you be redistributing your wealth?  How many others can move into your mansion?

Get Educated in Agenda 21. Learn to recognize those warm, fuzzy, words. Learn the PLAN. Form a group and work with others.

  1. Pick a specialty area and team up with others in your group who will select other areas.
  2. Educate other groups start with Tea Parties and 912 and other groups of like minded people. Then branch out: Chambers of Commerce, teachers, business people, parents, churches,  farmers, fisherman any association that will let you speak.
  3. Call local talk shows and give your presentation on the air.
  4. Contact your congressional leaders. Educate them. If they do not agree to defund the rouge departments, the UN and all programs related to sustainability or GHG say, NEXT.
  5. When you meet anyone new personalize the terms. So they get it.
    This is one of my favorite experiments. When they talk about GHG.
    Ask:  How do they know that co2 is a dangerous gas and must be regulated? What facts are they using?                                            They will tell you co2 is a toxin and will kill the people and the planet.
    Ask: OMG If co2 is a toxin then will kill you if you breathe it?            Answer: They will say yes. If you breathe a toxin you will die.
    Tell them to put their hand over their mouth and nose and breathe.  See if they are still alive in 2 minutes.  co2 has no effect, if it was a toxin they would be dead.                                                                  Ask: So exactly why are we regulating co2? Who is making money?
  6. Personalize:  One Agenders, attended a Town Hall meeting where the Congressman was supporting sustainability.  She asked if he believed in sustainability, then everything not sustainable was off limits. He agreed.  She then started reading the unsustainability list.  The Congressman then asked for a private meeting to understand this better. He now opposes Agenda 21.
  7. Personalize:  One AgEnder was having a discussion with his children who told him he was too greedy like the rest of those rich pigs.  The next week at dinner he announced that he was going to become a socialist. So he told his children they would not inherit anything because he had to leave his houses and money to others so he could spread the wealth. He changed their minds. ALWAYS DEFINE THE TERMS AND THE WORDS with the TRUTH. 
  8. At town meetings Always ask questions:
    What scientific and financial facts support their conclusion?
    What is the cost of the project?
    Who is paying? They will tell you that is a grant – Remind them that grant money is borrowed by the American people and would be better spend on helping the people living in cars and tents then on buying grass or planning for a village forty years from now.  A grant means slavery it comes with strings.
    Besides, how do they know where people will want to live 40 years from now unless of course you are forcing them to live in a restricted area like a sustainable community?
    What happens when the grant money is gone?
  9. How may people will that employ since the unemployment in your state is?
    Who pays for the land taken off the tax roles?                                     You will find that once you start defining their words most people have a totally different understanding of what they are supporting.

Think of these people like people with severe ADD/OCD. They are locked into a conclusion and will make up anything and everything to achieve their end. They are compelled to save the environment at all costs. So what are they willing to give up?  Money, car, house, vacations, leisure time freedom???

Use the brochure and powerpoints on the web site in the marketing section that you like. Make up new ones and send them to us.  We will post them and share.  Use the brochures. Feel free to put your information on the back just leave, show the world you are an AgEnder.

These are some sites/youtubes which will put everything in perspective quickly. Remember you can not reason with people with severe ADD/OCD so you can not reason with them on ideology. Don’t try. Just use facts.  They have learned not to take responsibility and never to attack the cause always attack the person.  Be prepared to be call names. Just stay cool and stick to the facts.

70% of the American people want the same thing: Freedom, health, wealth, family and country. We have all been lied to. It will take time to turn it around so go slowly. But if you meet a lot of resistance say NEXT.  We have a lot of ground to cover in a short time.   The Elite know what the outcome must be and they must do everything  – lie, cheat, steal to get that outcome. Just frustrate them with facts.

How Do We Take our Country Back?

Here are some good sites for information to give out as a preview for a newbe:

Depopulation of the Planet

General Overview: Bernie De Castro  YouTube 1

General Overview: Bernie De Castro  YouTube 2 

Summary:  agenda21for dummies

Property Rights:

Climate and the fraud of Global Warming  

Schools: Dumb Worker Bees

Use their information back at them

When you talk to any elected official, stick to scientific fact and finances.
If you go to any meetings do not let the moderator divide you into groups. They do this to control the outcome.
Tell them you want to hear what everyone is saying that you are united not divided. You need everyone’s opinion.
Make them give you examples of their words like social justice. Ask them to explain how social justice works in a society where people own land and accumulate wealth especially if social justice states that wealth is unacceptable? Everyone must have exactly the same thing.

Ask if they are willing to take in less fortunate and support them? How many rooms do they have in their house can they spare a bedroom for ???? Since that family was just foreclosed.

You will find they want to spread your wealth not theirs.
Sustainability means no home, salary, car, golf etc. When should you collect those items.


This is a quick summary of Agenda 21 and how it interacts with America

Get the US out of the UN. Get the UN out of the US.   See: Your tube: UN deception     

Read the UN plan called Agenda 21, the UN Plan for total control by the UN in the 21 century.

Plan Purpose: MONEY POWER CONTROL , see Iron Mountain Blueprint for Tyranny,

See: agenda21fordummies,    

Agenda21: how will it affect you? From JBS


Agenda 21 is the PLAN to inventory and control all human activity. This is done by LYING (called Doublespeak) to scare you.

The UN Elite: CFR, IMF, Tri-lateral Commission, Bilderbergs, Illiminati, Fed Reserve, World Bank UN (are all the same people).

Their Problem: We are many they are few so they must LIE to control us.   Therefore they must depopulate the planet.

Elite Control food: GMO, catch shares,       Depopulation by: Abortion, Gender, Healthcare, Drugs, Fluoride, Vaccines

Elite want Equity – your rights granted by God, your family, school, land and wealth replaced by government

Elite use Environment- scaring people with lies using the precautionary principle (phony computer models void of true science) no test models just scare. Sustainable, green, lies to redistribute (steal) wealth/natural resources. Limit mobility

Elite control Economy: Create bubbles steal wealth from middle class, PPP’s, Regionalism, Subsidies, Energy, GRANTS

Taxation on Americans to support UN phony programs – remember $2billion for Haiti


How do you control millions of people? Control Education by Lies, Dumbing down, stop teaching about America.

You tube: Charlotte Iserbyt Deliberate Dumbing Down of America:

And Michael Chapman – Dumb Worker Bees:

Schools: The problem with education is not where they learn; it is what they learn. Kids are not learning!!!
School Choice/Charter Schools, Race to the Top is the phony way The Elite implement communism/ called Social Justice.                              You tube: Who Is Behind The Privatization Of Education: Gates, Broad, KIPP, Pearson, EdWest & The Gulen Schools   MUST WATCH VIDEO (even just the first 15 min).

Who controls the schools?  They are all the same people one goal in mind: NEW WORLD ORDER, Global Governance                                        Bill Gates –  (globalist wants: zero co2, technology and cheap labor) 

        Eli Broad Foundation    gives Green grants to schools who promote communism
KIPP – Charter School – Funded and Partnered with the same people,

  Pearson -(NCS Pearson in London – International testing company, manage assessments, no oversight, personal data for profit driven, data- assesses teachers and students for corporate work training. Profit based, contract with Achieve Inc, funded by B&M Gates Foundation, JP Morgan Chase, Limuna Foundation (Non-Profit gets public funds, designed the Common Core Standards eliminating all American ideals. Ed West – propaganda, media, their donors are Gates, JP Morgan, Lumina

      The Gulen Schools – Gulen Islamic cult led by Imam Fethullah Gulen. There are 6 Radical Islamic Schools in FL and 2 UN schools. No oversight from legislators

      Communist Chinese are funding Florida Charter Schools

The Federal Reserve Bank must control the money. Youtube/Creature from Jekyell Island

Technology is how they will control you.                                                      You tube: Technocracy

Property Rights are under attack:

Sustainable (Controlled) Developments are a way to control you modeled after the Ideal Communist City


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  • Join in the action plans as they get announced.
  • Send the emails out to everyone you know. Watching mindless TV will not get you educated.  Mindless TV is a distraction from the left to throw you off course.
  • Stay focused. Talk about politics and religion. TIME TO STOP BEING POLITICALLY CORRECT.

Remember, you are not alone, United We Stand.

We are NOT from the government. We are all AgEnders here to help.
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