Agenda 2030

popeSheepleEverything is connected, Nothing is random, Everything has a plan. All plans are based on lies. Agenda 21 or Agenda 2030 are all the same.

As long as people can think, none of the goals can ever be achieved.  The purpose of the goals is to continually spend huge sums of money regardless of the outcome. Here is an example:

Goal #1 Ending Poverty.  Since its inception in 1947, we have heard the same cry, we must end poverty. American’s have donated trillions of dollars to the UN since 1947 and yet we are hearing the same goal. Why? Because the money never reaches the people.   Corrupt dictators and monarchs siphon the money before it reaches the people. How many more years will we believe that ending poverty is a goal?  Until the American people understand the true purpose of the UN and stop funding its corruption, nothing will change except Americans will go broke. Bankrupting America is the hidden goal.

Agenda 2030

Both the Republican and Democratic party are run by the same globalists.

Americans were led to believe they must compete in and international economy. Then the words were switched to global.  Let’s define:

International Economy means that sovereign nations trade together. Each nation respects the laws of the other nation.

Global Economy means there are no nations.  Everyone lives in sustainable developments surrounded by wildlands (blueways/greenways corridors) connected by corridors off limits to humans. (not the globalists, just average people).

Legislators from both parties attend the globalist progressive funded Aspen Institute.  If you think you Democrat or Republican says things you don’t understand, check to see if they graduated from the Aspen Institute. You will find they learn to restrict your freedom –

In September 2015, the Globalists will meet at the UN.  There they will unfold the new Agenda 2030, The new World Constitution  comprising of its commitment to instituting UN Agenda 21 and lots more.  Today we know that the purpose of these Agenda’s is being to destroy capitalism.  How do we know, because they keep telling us.

Here is the new constitution

The movement behind the new constitution






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