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The clash of ideology has resulted in chaos in all aspects of American life. Have you asked yourself recently why America is in the horrific shape it is in today?  With so many brilliant minds in educators, labor, economists reporting to the Congress and the President, in so many sectors, how could America wind up broke, ignorant and on the verge of becoming a third world country?  Seems as though the rest of the world is advancing their economy while America is going backwards.  All of this is exactly what America’s leaders say when they claim to level the playing field.  They must bring American’s down a few pegs.  It is not fair that Americans have so much.  Of course no one ever says that Americans WORK HARD.

Learn the truth:

Federal Reserve





Everything we have been told is a lie and that is tough to swallow.
Today we are living the results.America must be destroyed to complete the final take over to create The New World Order.


The more they demonize us, the stronger we get.  The TEA PARTY is the 70% of the American population.


Goal and Objective: Money and power

  1. Take over the monetary system
  2. Infiltrate the schools to change transformAmericaby consensus not fact
  3. Create a cause designed to erode the economy of countries by supporting corrupt politicians with grants.  New green economy
  4.  World Economies will fail, loans can not be repaid. Elite take over the land/water in place of money.
  5. Elite will partner government with business
  6. Elite will control land/water and create a new economy they control
  7. People will become slaves of the government


Does America make sense:

  • America is one of the richest countries in natural resources, yet we are being regulated claiming these resources are harmful and can not be touched.                                                                                                                                   Read More>>>
  • America is spending billions for foreign energy when we have more oil and natural resources than the Middle East combined.
  • America is the shining star of individual excellence, yet our educational system is failing our children.                                                   Read More>>>
  • America is the leader of the free world, yet we are being disgraced by our “so called” President as he apologizes for our failings in the fight for humanity.
  • America is the innovator and inventor of some of the most incredible advancements in world history yet our businesses are now leaving our shores to other countries with less strangling regulation and taxes.
  • America had the best medical system in the world and it was destroyed by a pen stroke and turned into an outrageously expensive government take over with limited service.
  • Although unconstitutional, the Federal Government is on a crash course to own and control massive quantities of land which they will make uninhabitable for humans.
  • America is rich in agricultural products and could feed the entire country, yet Americans are starving.
  • Private American companies are being taken over by the American Government because they are “too big to fail”.  Is this the Free Market?
  • Executives who robbed from Americans were give huge bonuses while the the taxpayer is in foreclosure.
  • Bills are passed in the middle of the night without citizen support.
  • American borders are left open so illegals can “come to America for free services” paid for by the American taxpayer forcing huge debt in cities and states.
  • The oil moratorium continues regardless of the fact that a Federal judge said to remove it.
  • The environment is more important than people so fuel and food prices “will necessarily skyrocket”
  • American media does not report the news and anyone who disagrees is a “racist”
  • The American Government Agencies are being run by Czars with communist/socialist backgrounds.
  • American children are being taught that the rights of the collective are more important than the rights of the individual, that the Government and not God grants our rights.


Nothing in America makes sense until you start digging into UN Agenda 21.  Then everything make sense.  UN Agenda 21 is the thread, or UN blueprint for Global Governance that is currently practiced in every US Government Agency in America today.  UN Agenda 21 is a communist/socialist/progressive agenda put in place by a few Progressive Elite to stifle freedom, creativity, ingenuity and economy of the greatest country in the world so Americans will not question this new ruling class determined to create a “New World Order”.   Agenda 21 is not based on fact actually it is based on failed communist principals and Keynesian Economics calling for increased Government and spending funded by higher taxes.

Highlights of Agenda 21…

Agenda 21, is a 40 chapter comprehensive “blueprint” of action for Sustainable Development ultimately promoting a “New World Order” of government run by a group of Progressive Elite Billionaires  Endorsed at the United Nations World Summit in 1992 by President Bush, never ratified by the Senate, put into action by President Clinton’s Executive Order # 12852 is currently being implemented by every Government Agency and many non-government agencies.                                                                                                                Learn More>>>


How:  Frighten Americans with lies, doctored reports and phony science regarding global warming, environment, and climate change.  Create a Crisis. The ends justify the means…The truth is just irrelevant.

Environment and Resources: This cluster relates to climate change, peak oil, ecosystems and water. Radical and rapid social and economic transformations will be needed to avert runaway climate change and ecological breakdown.
Sustainable America says: “Private (land use) decisions are often driven by strong economic incentives that result ins severe ecological or aesthetic consequence… The key to overcoming it is through public policies… (p112).”     See More>>>

The Constitution prohibits the Government from owning land except to establish military bases.  The Federal Government currently own 650 million acres of land and increasing its stake via Wildlands Projects. Once the Government owns the land, it becomes off limits to humans who eventually will be forced into leaving an “moving ” into Sustainable Developments marking the
end to Private Property.

ICLEI (Local Governments for Sustainability) is the agency set up to “help” local governments through grants and private/public relationships embrace Sustainable Development.
Your tax dollars are used to fund this agency.
ICLEI is used as one of the mechanisms to undo the political recognition of unalienable rights.
Learn More>>>>

Globalization:This cluster relates interdependence, distribution of wealth and income, demographic change, employment, trade and finance. Rising inequalities and imbalances associated with the present path of globalization risk the breakdown of the world economic and financial systems.

The policies of:  The Mr. Clinton Open Borders, giving our technology to China, NAFTA, Insistence on forced Community Reinvestment by repealing the Glass Stegal Act, Presidents Council on Sustainable Development, dumbed down education began the destruction of America.   Mr. Bush (43) continued funding these destructive UN programs. Mr. Obama has put the policies on steroids while adding Political Correctness, Bail Outs, Outsourcing and inferior Education.  In the 2011 State Of The Union, Pres. Oboma told Americans that Communist China was the country America should aspire to follow their economic policies.  Why President Clinton give Communist China our super computer and our industries is no longer a mystery.   

World Development:This cluster relates sustainable development, demographic growth, poverty, environmental stress, food production, health and employment. The scandal of abiding poverty, deprivation, inequity and exclusion in a wealthy world must be corrected.

Leveling the playing field means bring America to the standards of third world countries. Why are Americans supporting GM to open a plant in Mexico?  Example: Why did Americans Stimulus Dollars:

go to foreign corporations: $1.3+Billion to Pemex to drill in the Gulf and $2Billion to Petrobas in Brazil for deep water drilling.  Just exactly how did that create American jobs.  Instead America with over 400 years of oil resources (more than all of the Middle East) has a moratorium. President Obama stated,  ” Under my energy program, electricity costs will necessarily skyrocket.”  WHY?

Social Transformation:  Promoted in school and in the military, this cluster relates social change, gender equity, values and ethics, religion and spirituality, culture, identify and behavior. The values and behavior on which the present path of world development is based must change if peace and progress are to be preserved within the tightening human and environmental limits all promoted resulting in the break down the family unit.

The same people that sit on the Board of the Club of Rome, each have their respective roles as media moguls, union heads / financiers, banking moguls, U.N. positions, or political leaders.  They control the money, the media outlet, the legislative processes, and the “boots on the ground” organizations to foist the agenda.  There are 28,000 such organizations.  they are divided into Think Tanks, those that focus on Policy Framework, and finally those that Market the ideas that the leaders want expressed.    

View the Chart of the US take over

See how the UN profiles the US and check out the money the US gives to the UN.

The UN Dictates Your Life NOT the USGovernment.


UN: National Information, National Reports, USA, Sustainable Development. 


The analysis of trade and investment relations between the United States of America and Latin America 

What does Agenda 21 mean to you

UN Agenda 21is designed to control every aspect of human activity on the planet by monitoring and rationing all goods and services and resources forcing those successful countries to pay for third world countries under the phony banner of environmental issues. Instead of promoting eduction and learning these programs are designed to maintain a level of slavery as people will aspire to mediocrity.  Mr. Obama in his Kansas speech told his audience to aspire to become part of the middle class (what happened to aspiring to become exceptional. Exceptional, educated people are an enemy of UN Agenda 21. Acording to Maurice Strong (oil billionaire), “Educated people will require more resources like air condition, meat, cars etc. are all unsustainable,” by their perverted definition.  Know anyone unemployed, hungry. lost their business or home? America is in debt $15.5 Trillion dollars yet You are paying to support a group of Elite Progressive billionaires to regulate your life and eventually make you a slave. Look at where they live and their vacations, which you pay for. Why can they participate in the treasures of life while they provide you with crumbs.  You can work and have the same opportunity.  Not with this crowd, their goal is, “Do as I say, not as I do.” The majority of the budgets for these groups: UN, Government and Non-government  were never approved by the Senate, yet we follow Agenda 21 rules and regulations designed to destroy America and wipe out the middle class.

Agenda 21 promotes,  A New World Order.  When you look through all of the 40 chapters you will find that America as we know it will cease to exist.  Since our educational system no longer teaches American history, you might not know how important the fight of Freedom and Liberty, the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution is to the development of the modern free world.  Since the development of the American Free Market system more individual freedom and humanitarian good has been created than in the last 5000 years of man’s existence.
Learn More>>>

Others who don’t understand what it is like to live in chains will say,  “big deal so we will have a few changes who cares… The government will take care of everything.”  But at what cost?  Here is one Elite describing his Utopia…                              Learn More>>> 
He is describing Communism.

Agenda 21 creates the perfect world (which only works on paper) where the common enemy of humanity is man.  In addition:

  • There is no country sovereignty – everything belongs to the UN Elite Progressives.  International Law takes precedence over the US Constitution.  Freedom of speech is non-existant.  If you disagree, you have no one to petition to.  Maybe you will be eliminated.
  • There is no private property – private property creates wealth.  Wealth creates individualism.  Individualism fosters opposing views.  Sorry, not in our town.  Everyone is the same.
  • End of the family unit – children are taken from home early to attend government schools where they learn about global stewardship while promoting social, economic and biological equity.  Hitler’s Youth comes to mind.
  • The environment is more important than man – Industries are shut down to protect the environment.  Like the EPA creating a drought in California destroying crops, farmland and the lives of 40,000 farmers now out of work in the name of a TWO INCH FISH.
  • Sustainable Developments – You must live within your zone in the unit that the government allows, using energy when the government turns it on.  How many of you just had your new electric/water meters installed?  You know, the one that is read by phone and can tell when you are home and can chart your usage patterns.  Use too much and the off switch is pulled. Egypt just turned off the internet.  Is America next? Watch for new bills in Congress under the name of safety and security.
  • Limitation of mobility and individual opportunity. You won’t need a car in your sustainable development community and if you look at the map most of America will be off limits to human habitation.  That is why overly expensive high speed rail is so important.  Divide the people so they won’t compare notes. Limited access to other people.
  • Promote a Green Goal where common life is deemed “Not-Sustainable”  – Examples:

Private Property, Fossil Fuels, Golf Courses, Lodges, paved roads, Commercial Fishing, Agriculture, Farms, Pastures, Live Stock,
and more……

  • All rights are granted by the Government – Gone are Unalienable Rights.  What man gives, man can take away.
  • Mother Earth’s surface is not to be scratched approximately 60% of the earth will not be inhabited by man.  Humans will be herded into settlement zones. And you better not have more children than the government allows.  Remember, humans are the cause of all this climate change.  Therefore, the less humans, the better it is for Mother Earth.
  • Education will be conceptual focusing on the environment in conceptual learning not fact.  Mediocrity is the norm. Math,Reading, Science and Technology are suppressed.
  • A few favored “Green” corporations will form Public/Private partnerships in “Smart Growth” .

Communist Party USA Endorses Barack Obama for 2012


The events on this page will be placed under the categories of UN Agenda 21 in order for you to see the implementation in the US.

“New world order strategy dictates major global economic, political, and military policies. Nothing happens accidentally.
Events are manipulated. At issue is world dominance. America, Israel, and key NATO nations are partnered to achieve it.
Wars, economic disruption, financial terrorism, and other upheavals play out in real time. Grand schemes lie behind them.
Today’s economic crisis wasn’t happenstance. It was well planned, willful policy to transfer unprecedented wealth to private hands.”

American’s are being set up.  The Left Progressive/Marxists/ Communists in their Communist Manifesto need riots to complete their tasks calling for the complete collapse of all economic systems. They need polarization (class warfare, and redistribution of wealth with enhanced entitlements calling for hatred, demonstrations then riots.

Agenda 21 calls for the destruction of the middle class by destroying the economy.  Read their own words:

Equity – The destruction of family values, God and morality, personal responsibility and nationalism.

I pledge allegiance to the Earth and all its sacred parts.
Its water, land and living things and all its human hearts
Global Education Associates,
The Earth Pledge

Christianity is our foe. If animal rights is to succeed,
we must destroy the Judeo-Christian Religious tradition
Peter Singer, founder of Animal Rights

Environment – Humans are the enemies of the planet. “The common enemy of humanity is man. In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy then, is humanity itself.”
Club of Rome, premier environmental think-tank,
consultants to the United Nations
Environmental regulations cause bankruptcy, Harrisburg PA

Food Police attach small farmers

Economy – “In order to save the planet, we must destroy capitalism.”  Maurice Strong, Former Sec General of the United Nations.

Obama blocks good news regarding Keystone, why?

High Speed Rail is DOA

Governor Scott (R FL) repealed Smart Growth

Education – Education MUST be Federalized. All students must get the same UN indoctrination diminishing American in order to allow for a “leveling of the playing field”.  American can not be too smart, too wealthy or enjoy the fruits of their labor. American must be marginalized and brought down to the rest of the world.  Common Core the latest education fad is a wealth redistribution hoax that will put money in the hands of the producers while providing a second rate indoctrination now called education. visit the Education section of this web site and learn how the federal take over of education IS NOT NEW Common Core is just the implementation plan.


Why regionalism is bad:

Anti Agenda21 Tool Kit produced by Planners:

This is their cheat sheet. Notice the sheet is void of facts or contain total fabrications:

Read their own words:

[download id=”72″]

[download id=”73″]


Soros, Code Pink, Tides Foundation, Trumka, Moore all linked to the demonstrations

SEIU and Progressive Groups fund the protest

Protestors for Hire

[download id=”65″]

Follow the money for the Occupy Wall Street :

George Soros and his friends are behind the project.  George funds and hires actors to play agitators and victims.


Mike and Chantell Sackett take EPA to the Supreme Court

Sackett v. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Status: U.S. Supreme Court granted petitioners certiorari petition on June 28, 2011. Petitioners opening brief on the merits is due September 26, 2011.

Can federal bureaucrats seize control of your hard-earned property – and deny you a meaningful right to appeal the land grab?


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