AgEnders all over the country are having events that will educate you about the pure evil called Agenda 21. Imposing Agenda 21 on the citizens of the United States calls for:

  • Elimination of the middle class – communism can not survive with a thinking innovative middle class
  • Destruction of the American economy –  communism can not survive with individual wealth
  • Elimination of private property – communism can not survive if individuals have private property
  • Destruction of America – communism can not survive if Americans are FREE

Join us at one of these important conferences. Educate yourself and your legislators.  ONLY the American people can put a stop to the cancer spreading of Agenda 21 for more information send an email to

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Agenders conferences

Agenders, sign up sheet for all conferences

Are you or your group interested in hosting an AgEnders conference?

Contact us @:


Contact us @:


Listen to the RIO + 20 conference

September 8 – Miami-Dade, FL
                       American Legion Post 133,

                       Marlin Moore American Legion Post 133
                      16401 SW 90th Avenue
                       Palmetto Bay, FL 33157
                       $10 includes light breakfast and lunch
September 15 – AgEnders Conference, Pembrooke Pines
                              Total Wine  10-4
                              15980 Pines Blvd
                               Pembroke Pines
                             $10 includes breakfast and lunch
September 30 -Sunday 11-5PM                                                                                                           Conservative Action Center
 3150 Tampa Rd.  Suite 16, Oldsmar, 34677
$15 includes Lunch and snacks , coffee, ice tea and water .

Please register and invite your friends too!


Agenders, sign up sheet for Florida conferences


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Drawing winners


Winner of the Milton, FL Aug 13, 2011 Drawing

Carol Blaine from St Rose, La won the gun

Winners of the Lakeland, FL Oct 1, 2011  Drawing

Paul Mc Cain, Florida won the gun

Christine Thompson, Perry FL won the quilt

Winner at Tea Party Convention

Dr.  Leland Baker

Winner of Jacksonville/Blufton

Joy Dannaker, Blufton SC

Winner of Pt St Lucie Drawing

Dr. Alison Rampersad

Winner of GA, and Navarre Drawing

L Ham, Navarre, FL

Winner Milton, Santa Rosa, FL

Amelia Asmer


What Americans are saying:

Brenda Follis-Lengyel
FL Panhanhandle Patriots                       

I do want to report GREAT SUCCESS in our county and our local tea parties helping to stop a land grab by  backdoor agenda 21 organizations.   The County commissioners changed their vote when the people spoke out and one patriot put a full page advertisement in the newspaper.   Could not miss that.     YEAH WE WON.

These were people who attend your conferences who listen and learn.    Thank you for all that you both do.    Karen helped me with the early questions and directions to take the people.    The questions Gaye and I got out in the early notices were studied by the people because the people went the Commissioners meeting talking about the money, the growth potential lost, the tax money lost, the affects and more detail . They were not just talking on emotions. They came armed with facts that no one could deny.

Keep up the good work    One success story.
From: “Heather Gass” <>

Yesterday the East Bay Tea Party traveled to SAC for the Eagle Forum Agenda21/Property Rights Rally the Capitol steps up in SAC. The rally preceded a field hearing about forest issues; road closings and abusive actions and fines by the Forest service and other environmental groups.  This was one of the best days I’ve had up in SAC. I have been to SAC many times to attend and speak at hearings. Usually the I am in the minority and the outcome is rarely in our favor. Yesterday was different. The rally was great. We were on the West steps. Debbie Baccigalupi, a daughter of a rancher, up in Klamath spoke to us. She gave a detailed account of how her family and others have been systematically targeted and harassed with the intention of removing them from their land. Her story was riveting. After the rally we all headed to the 4th floor  room for the hearing. We packed the place to overflow so they opened up the upper balcony and we packed that too. During the hearing 3 Congressmen; McClintock (Ca), Bishop (Ut) and Herger (Ca) grilled the National Forest Service Director and other left wing environmentalists. Several ranchers, outdoor enthusiasts and the Plumas County Sheriff spoke. They all told the same story of over reach.  The fact that so many patriots showed up made a huge impression on the Congressmen. McClintock did not say the word Agenda21, but he basically laid it all out there and didn’t have too. After the hearing we all mingled and thanked the Congressmen and especially the Sheriff. He was a rock star!

I brought several patriots with me; Dave T, Chris F and Marilyn H.
Here are some of their accounts of yesterday. Chris and Marilyn had never been to the capitol.

From Chris F.

Today I visited our state capital for the first time and it was something akin to “Ms. Furlong goes to Sacramento”.  The purpose was to attend a hearing on property rights, national parks, forests and land use held by U.S. Representatives Rob Bishop (R-UT), Wally Herger (R-CA) and State Representative Tom McClintock (CA-4).  Eagle Forum and Tea Party patriots from across Northern California came to express their concerns.

It was a truly gratifying experience!  For one thing, the well-funded liberal left was utterly shut down.  They were completely out-numbered, out-maneuvered and out-smarted.  Our panelists – a mix of ranchers, law enforcement and concerned citizens – eloquently articulated facts about how we all are losing the right to own private property and to use public property through massive, constantly-changing regulations and egregious fines (masquerading as permits!).  Our U.S. and State representatives, through respectful questioning, deftly demonstrated the contradictions, inconsistencies and erroneous data the left tried to sling.  This dynamic combination left the other side obviously shaken.  I tell you it was a sight to behold!  Those of us from the East Bay Tea Party walked out of there reinvigorated!   I strongly encourage everyone to experience first-hand citizen government in action.
A last thought: It became clear during the panelist discussion that, while over-regulation has been growing over the years, it took a quantum leap after inauguration of this administration in 2009.  Another prime example of why we must defeat Obama and his Marxist ideology in 2012.

From Marilyn H:

This was my first trip to Sacramento to lobby for truth and the American Way.  I loved it.  Heather says that it was a very good day to be our first day to the capitol.  We had a very favorable hearing on public land use.  The conservatives were in force filling the committee room and the gallery upstairs.  We could tell who were the environmentalists on the panel, but we had to listen very carefully to what was being said to pick them out….and someone’s cowboy hat did not fool us (well, the cowboy hat did fool some).  But the real standout on the panel was the Sheriff from Plumas County.  He was walking tall as he was clear, direct and assertive in his testimony on “Restoring public access to public lands: Issues impacting multiple-use on our National Forests”.  He says in his testimony that of 1107 miles of off-highway roads and trails in his county 873 miles were now closed to public use.  He says that the Travel Management Plan sought after by the Federal Gov only came to his attention last year and that the implementation of the Forest Service Travel Land manage Plan is the “abridgement of freedom of the people by the gradual and silent encroachment by those in power.”  (quote from James Madison)  The Travel Management Plan dates back almost 10 years and Sheriff Greg Hagwood says it is “one of the most flagrant examples of Federal overreach in recent memory”.  “Given the sheer scope of the land mass involved it will be impossible to consistently or fairly enforce the policy ….and that such outrageous impediments to the citizens ability to freely travel public lands has been inflicted upon the citizens by a subset bureaucracy of the Dept of Agriculture and not Congress further diminishes its legitimacy in the eyes of the people.”  To finalize his statements he says “the Plumas County Sheriff’s office will not enforce the  Travel Management Policy as it exists today.  I will not inflict punitive measures against law abiding citizens who would do nothing more than access what have long been recognized as public lands.  The Sheriff’s Office will not create a new class of criminals out of our families, neighbors and guests who endeavor nothing more than enjoying the forest”.  Bravo, I say.  My first day at the capitol was an educating experience.


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