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Training DVD’s for you:

The DVD series covers:  History of Agenda 21, Smart Growth, Education, Climate, Fisheries and presenting Agenda 21 to local officials.
Speakers in this series include:
Dr. Michael Coffman, Agenda 21 Presentation
John Casey, Man Made Climate Control Hoax
Karen Schoen, Agenda 21 focus on Education
Rev. Glenn Pav, Agenda 21 focus on Equity
Sid Preskitt, Agenda 21 focus on Fishing
                    Steve Hunter,  Agenda 21 focus giving Property Rights

Operation Paul Revere Conference – 6 DVD Series – Includes Shipping   $35.00

Common Core Documents
CD Common Core Documentation all on one CD

  1.   Proposal to Educate not indoctrination
  2.   Florida statutes and RTTT Grant
  3.   Classical Education Act
  4.   No Oversight from FLDOE
  5.   Original documentation for Soviet School to Work for America
  6.   Back to Basic – the only real reform – Charlotte Iserbyt
  7.   How do they indoctrinate – Give Us the Young – Erica Carle
  8.   American Children Sold for Profit
  9.   Outcome Based Education – Charlotte Iserbyt
  10.   Marc Tucker, Dear Hillary – the start of Soviet Education in America
  11.   Rethinking Schools – propaganda machine
  12.   What is Teach for America?
  13.   Follow the money
  14.   How the Public School system has failed Blacks and Minorities for years.
  15.   Everyday Mathematics from Common Core
  16.   Common Core Lesson
  17.   Chiefs for Change
  18.   Common Core Talking Points
  19.   Key Points of Common Core
  20.    Show me the Money
  21.   Controlling Education from the Top
  22.    Stop Common Core- PPT
  23.    Islamic Biased Textbooks
                                                  $5 includes Shipping

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Karen Schoen – Education and

Agenda 21

$6 includes shipping


Picture1The book our children learned while we were told Agenda 21 does not exist.




Exposing the Global Road to Ruin

The  8 dvd/1cd (written submissions) boxed disc set  is available at

or all 8 discs can be seen on can be seen on you tube:


Karen Schoen connects the
dots of Agenda 21 using their 4 E’s:
$10 includes shipping


John Estabrooks comes off the rig to give the update and truth behind the Obama permitatorium.
$6 includes shipping


John Casey former NASA Engineer, explains the Climate Hoax.

$6 includes shipping


Ruth DuPont Esser
explains UN Agenda 21 effects on your Land and Water
$6 includes shipping
Ruth DuPont Esser
explains UN Agenda 21 New World Order
$6 includes shipping
To see samples go to Tea Party Channel
283 page book connecting NGO’s NACo (National Association of Counties)
and FAC (Florida Association of Counties) to Agenda 21
Take our FAC and put in your state association to make the connection.
Tax payer dollars are used to train your elected officials to steal your land.
$5+$3 for shipping = $8
Warning: Our national sovereignty and our freedom are in grave danger.
AgEnder special price:
1 copy for $10 + $3 for shipping = $13
10 copies for $9 each + $25 for shipping = $115
America is at war, and doesn’t even know it. Americans have been indoctrinated by our public education system and the progressive mainstream media to accept progressive ideas as valid, and part of the American Way. Learn the Truth from Dr. Michael Coffman
$17 +$3 Shipping = $20

BEHIND THE GREEN MASK: UN Agenda 21 , the new book by       Rosa Koire

172 pages, $17 = $3 shipping = $20

Available now



Excellent Reference Material from Charlotte Thomson, Iserbyt,  
Former Senior Policy Advisor, U.S. Department of Education
COLD SUN The truth about the climate by John Casey

Gadsden Flag Postcards-  12 for $3.50 (includes shipping) 

Gadsden Flag Postcards- 1,000 for $85 (includes shipping)










12 for $3.50 (includes shipping)


1,000 for $85 (includes shipping)


Patriotic Quilt – King Size $225 Plus $25 shipping = $250

Queen and Regular Size $225 Plus $25 shipping = $250



Men / Women’s Tee Shits – $17 plus $2.95 shipping = $19.95






  Medium                                                                 Front





Bumper Stickers  3X $5 + $1          Shipping = $6




Business card size give away, use the designs and print your own cards.

                             Back sample:          


Get US out of the UN stickers


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